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Sunday, August 13, 2017


Alice Cooper

Rock legend Alice Cooper was photographed in concert at The Chelsea at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada last night.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Alice Cooper

Monkee-MICKY DOLENZ, a member of the infamous Hollywood Vampires, re-united with fellow-member Alice Cooper Monday night in L. A., as Cooper performed at The Hollywood Bowl.

The legendary members-only club (which included John Lennon, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson and Bernie Taupin) would gather regularly at The Rainbow on Sunset, in the 70’s.

Wednesday, July 09, 2014



Story By: G. H. HARDING
Alice Cooper

APE HEAVEN --- Sony Classical has released the original motion picture soundtrack of Dawn of the Planet Of The Apes, composed by the Academy Award-winning Michael Giacchino (Ratatouille, Up, The Incredibles). Directed by Matt Reeves, the film is the sequel to Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011) and is the second time that Reeves and Giacchino have collaborated following the romantic horror film Let Me In (2010). The soundtrack will be available digitally on July 8 and on CD on July 29.

The previous work of the prolific American composer Giacchino includes scores for movies, television series and video games. he has received numerous awards for his work, including an Emmy, multiple Grammys, a Golden Globe Award, and the Academy Award. Giacchino majored in film production at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and studied composition at Juilliard. His early work on video games such as Medal of Honor and Call of Duty was followed by writing the music for the television series Alias as well as the award winning show Lost.

Giacchino’s stated preference is for clear melodies and themes which he likes to combine with touches of atonality, while respecting previous compositions and reacting to the content of the movie. “I knew immediately that I wanted to acknowledge the experimental musical style which my hero Jerry Goldsmith chose for the original film by finding my own interesting sounds. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes is an extremely moving story about tolerance and how we deal with each other as a society … I knew we would have to treat that subtext with great respect and dignity. I hope that I have done so while also honoring Jerry's original sound.”

NEW MACCA VIDEO --- Paul McCartney’s new video for his song “Early Days,” from the current New album, is pretty startling on several fronts. The musician - who recently turned 72 - pulled out of shows in Japan and the US due to a mystery bug after doctors ordered him to rest. He resumed his schedule last weekend with a bang in Albany.

On the new video Johnny Depp (as well as Patti Smith) have teamed up with Sir Paul for the musician’s latest video but fans of the Pirates Of The Caribbean actor could be forgiven for not spotting him on film.

The star has a blink-and-you'll miss him appearance as a blues musician in the new video.

Video director Vincent Haycock said it was inspired by the Beatles' love for early American rock 'n roll and blues music and ends with Sir Paul jamming with a group of musicians including Depp.

Vincent also revealed the video is a "poetic homage to the legendary beginnings of Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s relationship."

He added: "This video is about them, and every band, and every kid who has suffered the ups and downs of starting a band, whether or not they became successful."

The five-minute plus video is really like a mini-movie. Terrifically well done by all. Bravo!

For the record, Depp has also played slide guitar in Oasis’ hit “Fade In-Out” from their 1997 album Be Here Now and he also strummed away on the instrument in his 2000 movie Chocolat.

Check out the video HERE.

JADE POISON --- New Jersey's own Jade Starling, best known as the vocalizing half of the platinum-selling duo Pretty Poison (“Catch Me, I'm Falling”), will release her first-ever solo work, Captive, August 12, on Subpoena/Universal.

Captive features collaborations with Lee Dagger of the hugely successful English remix team Bimbo Jones (Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Kylie Minogue), newcomer Laszlo (Selena Gomez, Kelly Clarkson, Justin Bieber & Nicki Minaj) and French DJ/remixer Franck Dona.

The disc has already yielded the hit single "Insomniak," which cracked the Top 30 on Billboard magazine's dance chart.

According to the flame-tressed, South Jersey diva and lifelong Camden County resident, Captive, two years in the making, ended in a much different place from where it started. Jade and her long-time partner, keyboardist-producer Whey Cooler, originally intended to create something in the vein of their dance-popping predecessors, released under the Pretty Poison moniker. But along the way, they decided to bring in outside collaborators to give their tracks a more contemporary sound.

“This is a dance record," says Jade. "Collaborating with international DJs gave it a fresh new sound, and inspired us to write many new songs."

"We've been doing electronic music since the beginning of our careers," says Jade. "Now it just has a label – 'EDM.' We're about what’s happening next. We've always tried to stay ahead of the curve and not follow it."

“The record takes you on an emotional journey from start to finish," she explains. "From the opening track, ‘Everything in the World,’ which really sums it up – 'I want it all, I want it now, I want everything in the world' – it covers the gamut of emotions from breakups to falling in love. The new single, 'Think About U,' captures the first time you fall in love, getting back to those pure feelings that you felt."

WHITE CASTLE COOPER --- Dreams can come true, as rock icon Alice Cooper can attest, following his induction into the White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame at White Castle headquarters in Columbus, Ohio on July 7th, 2014.

As a child of Detroit, Alice learned to love White Castle's iconic sliders at an early age, and has never lost his taste for them over the years. He also learned to love rock and roll, and pursue his career in a band, and achieved induction into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2011.

Little did he know that another Hall of Fame, also in Ohio, was in his destiny.

Following a tour of White Castle headquarters led by Bill, Marci and Lisa Ingram (the company is a fourth-generation family-owned business), company VP Jamie Richardson conducted a brief chat with Alice in a room full of White Castle employees, including a band that performed some of Alice's songs (he actually joined them for "No More Mr Nice Guy," much to their surprise), and then Alice was presented with a plaque commemorating his induction into their White Castle Cravers Hall of Fame.

Said Alice, "A lot of my fellow rockers are going to be envious of this honor." Asked how it compared to being inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Alice responded "there's no comparison," carefully ducking the question.

Alice has often talked about his love of White Castle in interviews and on his syndicated Nights With Alice Cooper radio program, and served White Castle at the party following the premiere of the Super Duper Alice Cooper documentary at the Tribeca Film Festival in April in New York City. The documentary, produced by Banger Films (same team that produced the award-winning Iron Maiden and Rush documentaries), has recently been released in both DVD and Blu-Ray by Eagle Rock Entertainment.

I sort of lived on these things in college – and, all these years later, whenever I pass one of their outlets, I still feel the need to stop in. Interesting that they're now calling them sliders! Honestly, there's nothing even remotely similar to the sliders I have come to know.

Dubious … perhaps, but another memory from childhood!

CLOSING NOTES --- Congrats again to Bobby Funaro for landing a role in the now-shooting Mick Jagger/Marty Scorsese HBO rock ‘n roll doc.

Look for Q104.3's Jim Kerr to intro Micky Dolenz at his B. B. King's show on 7/30. Kerr did it two years back and is on the Micky Dolenz Live At B. B. King's disc. wonder is Tony Danza will show up again ...

Happy Birthday to Long Island's own Dominick DiPietrantonio. His new record is in pre-production and will be out soon ...

Deep Purple, fresh off a European tour to support their 19th studio album NOW What?!, is heading stateside for a North American trek. The tour kicks off August 4 in Scottsdale, AZ.

NOW What?! was originally released in North America in April 2013 via earMusic / Eagle Rock Entertainment. The album marked the next great chapter in the band’s 40+ year career, blending the classic 70’s Purple-spirit with modern production and a progressive mindset. Having reached #1 in Germany, Russia, Czech Republic and Austria, charting Top 5 in 7 countries and Top 10 in 10 countries, not to mention hitting the British Top-20 for the first time in 20 years, Deep Purple celebrated with the release of NOW What?! Gold Edition earlier this year, which included additional songs and a live bonus disc.

Friday, May 16, 2014



Story By: G. H. HARDING
Alice Cooper

CLASSIC FORD? --- Alcon Entertainment has an offer out to Harrison Ford to reprise his role of Rick Deckard in its Ridley Scott-directed sequel to Blade Runner. Original screenwriter Hampton Fancher and Michael Green are writing the new one, which takes place several decades after the conclusion of the 1982 original.

Alcon actually sent a press release out that it offered the role to Ford (which is unusual in itself), and Ford gave an interview recently saying he was anxious to see the script. He has expressed interest in reprising the role in the past, but no deal is set as he has yet to read the script.

If Ford agrees to the script, this is the second audience-pleasing role the actor would be stepping into. He is also set in the next installment of the Star Wars franchise as the actor is currently readying to reprise his role as Han Solo with Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill in Star Wars: Episode VII for filmmaker J.J. Abrams, which Disney plans to release December 18, 2015. Abrams is directing, co-writing the script with Lawrence Kasdan.

Blade Runner is without a doubt one of my all-time favorites movies; from Ford’s portrayal of Deckard, to Daryl Hannah;Sean Young and Edward James Olmos in just spectacular performances. Besides the visuals, which seem to have inspired the look of every single sci-fi epic after, the music by Vangelis was just so visionary.

The story centered on the Deckard-character having to dispose of four replicators (advanced designed robots); with Young portraying the last of them. Yet the more Ford investigates, the more be becomes intrigued and involved with the Young character. The ending left the viewer thoroughly in the dark as to exactly what had happened; did Ford leave with the replicator, or destroy her.

Rutger Hauer as replicator Roy Batty gave just a sensational performance and the speech he gave (now termed the tears in rain speech) while Deckard was dangling from a rooftop was spell-binding.

The final form, altered from the scripted lines and much improvised by Hauer on the eve of filming, has entered popular culture as perhaps the most moving death soliloquy in cinematic history and is an often quoted piece of science fiction writing. Here’s a sample: I've... seen things you people wouldn't believe... [contemptuous laugh] Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched c-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those... moments... will be lost in time, like [small cough] tears... in... rain. Time... to die...”

The movie was adapted from a short-story by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, entitled Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. It was a ground-breaking film in every sense After the release in ‘82, Ford publicly criticized the film, but since its release it has become something of an American classic. I bet he will return.

ALICE POWER --- Eagle Rock has just announced the DVD, Blu-ray and Deluxe Limited Edition Boxed set release of the critically acclaimed Banger Films documentary Super Duper Alice Cooper on June 3.

Premiered at last month’s Tribeca Film Festival, Super Duper Alice Cooper is the first ever doc opera film, presented with a dizzying blend of documentary archive footage, animation, and rock opera. The film was also screened in theaters nationally in late April.

Super Duper Alice Cooper is the story of Vincent Furnier, a preacher’s son who struck fear into the hearts of parents everywhere as the ultimate rock star of the bizarre, Alice Cooper. Yet beyond the make-up, there is a richer, deeper story. Presented here is the twisted tale of a teenage Dr. Jekyll whose rock ‘n’ roll Mr. Hyde almost kills him.

Through the advent of Alice as front man of a rock band group of Phoenix misfits in the 60’s, to the hazy decadence of celebrity in the 70’s, to his triumphant comeback as 80’s glam metal godfather, the film reveals how Alice and Vincent battled for each other’s souls, and how these two opposite characters came to co-exist within one mind. Alice’s story is told not only by the man himself, but through exclusive interviews with members of the original Alice Cooper band, Elton John, Iggy Pop, John Lydon, and Dee Snider.

The DVD and Blu-ray version of Super Duper Alice Cooper includes bonus deleted scenes, Alice Cooper interviews from the VH1 Classic series Metal Evolution, and additional rare footage. The Deluxe Edition features not only the full film on DVD and Blu-ray, but also a second DVD of previously unreleased concert footage from Montreal University in 1972, and a CD of Cooper’s performance at the 2009 Montreux Jazz Festival.

There’s no question that Cooper’s music dominated the 70’s and early-80’s; his songs “I’m Eighteen” and “School’s Out” were huge, but the internal struggles of the original band are just now coming to light. Various members felt they were not getting their proper due.

Originating in Phoenix in the late 1960's after Furnier moved from Detroit, Alice Cooper was originally a band consisting of Furnier on vocals and harmonica, lead guitarist Glen Buxton, Michael Bruce on rhythm guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass guitar, and drummer Neal Smith. The original Alice Cooper band broke into the international music mainstream with the 1971 hit "I'm Eighteen" from the album Love It to Death, which was followed by the even bigger single "School's Out" in 1972. The band reached their commercial peak with the 1973 album Billion Dollar Babies.

Furnier adopted the band's name as his own name in the 1970’s and began a solo career with the 1975 concept album Welcome to My Nightmare. In 2011 he released Welcome 2 My Nightmare, his 19th album as a solo artist, and his 26th album in total. Expanding from his Detroit rock roots, in his career Cooper has experimented with a number of musical styles, including conceptual rock, art rock, hard rock, heavy metal, new wave, pop rock, experimental rock and industrial rock.

In 2011, the original Alice Cooper band was inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and he was also a member of the Hollywood Vampires, along with Micky Dolenz, Keith Moon, Harry Nilsson, Bernie Taupin and John Lennon.

CLOSING NOTES --- Speaking of Eagle Rock, I've been watching their recent release of Toto's 35th Anniversary Concert and it is just superb. The band has never sounded better and lead-writer/keyboardist David Paich is just sensation. Watching guitarist Steve Lukather is amazing too. Check out their version of "Hold The Line".

We'd be remiss in not noting Barbara Walter's last day on TV today, on her show The View. From reports, besides all of the original hosts of the show appearing, Hillary Clinton and Oprah also showed, as well as actor Michael Douglas. In her five decades of broadcasting journalism, she stood heads-and-tails ahead, not to mention championing every single female broadcaster since. PR-pasha David Salidor, who got her caricature up at Palm West on 50th Street, says, "I'll never forget when she came in for the final viewing with Cindy Adams ... she couldn't have been nicer." Salidor also had The Monkees on three years back, one of Davy Jones' last appearances, and says, the crew, Barbara, Whoopi ... "Were just so supportive. It was actually one of the group's best performances ever. They'll never be another like Barbara ... that's for sure!" Good luck to her! ...

WFAN's Zach Martin interviewed Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page the other day for Westwood One at a secret location in Manhattan ...

That Jay Z, Beyonce and Solange moment in the New York-Standard hotel elevator; Boy, I'd never want to get into a ring with her. One rather tasteless comment: One of her biggest hits ever ...

Sunday, March 10, 2013



Perrey Reeves

Vincent Piazza

Steven Tyler With John Varvatos And Joe Perry

Jennifer Garner

Ben Affleck

Alice Cooper

The stars came out for the John Varvatos 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit today, in Hollywood, California.