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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Denise Huskins And Aaron Quinn

ABC News Amy Robach sits down for the first interview with Denise Huskins and Aaron Quinn, who describe the anguish they felt after authorities at the time dismissed Denise’s kidnapping as a hoax, causing the case to be known as the “Gone Girl” kidnapping after the fictional book and film. Denise recounts her nightmare, revealing new details about her harrowing hours in captivity and opens up about confronting her kidnapper, Matt Muller, in court. The couple discusses the damage the ordeal has had on their careers and personal lives and what the future holds now that the truth has been revealed. The interview comes just days after Denise and Aaron reached a tentative settlement of $2.5 million with the city of Vallejo in their civil lawsuit for defamation and infliction of emotional distress. “20/20” airs on Friday, March 23 (10:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET) on ABC.

In the early hours of March 23, 2015 Aaron and Denise were the victims of a home invasion and were bound and drugged. While Aaron was left home with ransom instructions, Denise was tossed in a trunk, kidnapped and, while in captivity, says she was raped twice. While Denise was living a nightmare she thought she wouldn’t survive, Aaron says police didn’t believe his story and accused him of killing his girlfriend. But 48 hours later, Denise was shockingly set free miles away in her hometown of Huntington Beach, California. It was then the police publicly turned on the couple, calling the ordeal a hoax. It was only months later when another home invasion occurred that police tracked down disbarred attorney and Harvard Law graduate Matt Muller and linked him back to Denise’s kidnapping. Muller pleaded ‘no contest’ to robbery, burglary, assault with a deadly weapon and more and was sentenced to ten years. He pleaded guilty to kidnapping Denise and was sentenced to forty years in prison. The Vallejo Police Department told ABC News it could not comment, as the settlement agreement with the couple has not yet been signed. The department admits no wrongdoing in the settlement.

“20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. David Sloan is senior executive producer.

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC NEWS / Disney

Wednesday, December 27, 2017


Elizabeth Vargas

James Goldston and Elizabeth Vargas have confirmed that Elizabeth will be leaving ABC News at the end of 20/20’s 40th season. Below are the notes sent to staff.


I am writing to share some news about Elizabeth Vargas, who's been an integral part of ABC News for two decades and anchor at 20/20 for 14 years.

She has decided to leave ABC News at the end of the newsmagazine's 40th season in May to pursue new ventures.

One of the best broadcasters in our business, Elizabeth holds an historic place at ABC. She is only the second woman ever to serve as co-anchor of 20/20. She moved into that role - a daunting assignment to follow in the footsteps of our legendary Barbara Walters - with true determination to tell the stories from around the globe that explore important issues in depth and tap into significant moments in our culture.

She brought awareness to the crisis in Iraq covering Christian refugees escaping ISIS, reported on orphans in Cambodia who were given up for adoption without their parents’ knowledge, on gendercide in India, and was at the forefront of the Amanda Knox case from its earliest days.

Most recently Elizabeth spent three years documenting an inspirational family adjusting to life with a son’s rare facial condition. Her beautiful hour, “Wonder Boy,” delivered 20/20's highest ratings this season.

We've counted on her countless times for breaking news. Just in the last few years, she's anchored live specials on the 2017 inauguration and Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, reports on the passing of George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds, Prince and Muhammad Ali, as well as, network coverage of the deadly Orlando nightclub massacre, the ambush on police officers in Dallas and the Paris terrorist attacks in 2015. She has been in the anchor chair for ABC for some of the biggest breaking news events in the past two decades, including the attacks on 9/11 and the death of President Ronald Reagan.

From co-anchor of World News Tonight to news anchor for GMA, Elizabeth has served in many key roles here and won nearly every award in broadcasting along the way.

But we were most proud of her courage and grace in telling her own story about her struggle with anxiety and alcoholism. Her best-selling memoir has helped so many people by raising awareness about the importance of finding treatment for millions who are still struggling. She continues to be an inspiration for us all.

As we get closer to Elizabeth's final date on the air, we will celebrate her many outstanding accomplishments with a proper send-off. In the meantime, she and her team are hard at work on several specials and investigations for the new year.

We are incredibly lucky to have had Elizabeth at ABC for so long, and we wish her the best on the next chapter in her professional life.

Please join me in thanking Elizabeth for all that she has contributed to ABC News.


To my 20/20 family,

I want you to hear some news about me, from me. I will be leaving ABC News, and 20/20 at the end of this historic 40th season. It has been a profound privilege to be the anchor of 20/20 for 14 years, and a true honor to work with each and every one of you. I am incredibly lucky to work alongside the very best in the business: the producers, editors, writers on this show, and the enormous team working every week to get our show on the air. I am so very proud of the stories we have told together.

I am sorry only to have to share this news with you as we celebrate the holidays. I had hoped to make this announcement after the first of the year.

This is not goodbye – I will be here through May, and cannot wait to do more work with all you in the months ahead. 

Have a happy holiday with your families, and I will see you next year.

With gratitude,

Friday, November 17, 2017



Chevy Chase And Beverly D'Angelo

The Special Will Feature A Christmas Story Actor Peter Billingsley

“Lights, Camera, Christmas: Inside Holiday Movie Classics” Airs on “20/20” Wednesday, November 22 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET) on ABC

The inspiration for Home Alone came from John Hughes preparing for a vacation and thinking about all the things he didn’t want to forget – including his kid, and Jack Nicholson was almost chosen for the role of the father in A Christmas Story. These are only a few of the lesser known facts about holiday favorites that marked the Christmas season for years. To kick-off the holiday season, “20/20” presents a Christmas special featuring actor Peter Billingsley, best known as the character Ralphie in the seasonal hit movie A Christmas Story.

This special takes viewers behind the scenes of holiday favorites, brings together the stars, and dissects the most memorable moments from the films. The special will feature interviews with Tim Allen and Eric Lloyd from The Santa Clause; Beverly D’Angelo and Chevy Chase from National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation; Mel Gibson from Daddy’s Home 2; and Brian Grazer, the producer of the live-action How the Grinch Stole Christmas. ABC News’ Chris Connelly will also discuss the impact that these beloved films had on modern pop culture. “Lights, Camera, Christmas: Inside Holiday Movie Classics” airs on a special edition of “20/20” Wednesday, November 22 (10:00 – 11:00 p.m. ET) on ABC.

The special will include insider details on classic holiday films including a casting decision, Jim Carrey’s torture surviving technique training during How the Grinch Stole Christmas; and a visit to a Vancouver psychiatric hospital, the stand-in for Gimbal’s toy department in Elf. The hour will consider the question of whether favorites such as Trading Places and Die Hard qualify as Christmas movies; and talk to a spokesperson from Rotten Tomatoes to discuss what it takes to qualify as a Christmas classic. The history of small-screen favorites such as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer” will be featured, as well as, interviews with the voice-over artists behind these favorite animated characters, and the owner of the fully restored Santa and Rudolph puppets.

Photo Courtesy Of: ABC / Disney

Saturday, September 30, 2017


David Muir And Elizabeth Vargas Light Empire State

David Muir With Elizabeth Vargas @ Empire State Building

Yesterday the Empire State Building was lit in celebration of the 40th season of “20/20.” “20/20” Anchor Elizabeth Vargas and “World News Tonight” and “20/20” Anchor David Muir “flipped the switch” to illuminate the building, which will shine in blue and white in honor of the show’s historic season.

Photos Courtesy Of: ABC / Disney

Sunday, January 29, 2017


Mary Tyler Moore On 20 / 20

Famed Broadway star Bernadette Peters spoke fondly of her friend and “comedy genius” Mary Tyler Moore, who died this week at age 80.

“Mary will go down in the annals of comedy history as a genius comedy actor,” Peters told ABC News’ “20/20.” “She was an original... She came from a true place inside herself, which we all can relate to. She made us look at it in a different way, in a funny way.”

Moore, an Emmy-winning and Oscar-nominated actress, was best known for her roles in the TV sitcoms, "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" and "The Dick Van Dyke Show."

Moore earned six Emmy Awards, four of them for "The Mary Tyler Moore Show." She won her first Emmy for her breakthrough role as Laura Petrie in "The Dick Van Dyke Show, and in 1993 she won her sixth for the television movie, "Stolen Babies."

Her portrayal of career woman Mary Richards in her namesake 1970s show arrived alongside the women's movement, making her a role model for generations of women, even though Moore didn't consider herself a feminist.

“She was actually one of the first to actually portray a modern woman on television, and she was one of the greats,” Peters said. “’The Mary Tyler Moore Show’ was a woman out in the world by herself making her way, being independent, being smart. So therefore, women everywhere looked up to her.”

Although she was best known for her television work, Moore also took on memorable film roles, including the 1990 movie, “The Last Best Year.” Peters, who starred alongside Moore in the film, recalled a moment when they were working on set together and had a funny exchange in the ladies room during a quick break from filming.

“I remember - we were washing our hands. All of a sudden she looked in the mirror and said, ‘You know the one great thing about growing older is you don’t have to shave your legs as much,’” Peters said, laughing. “And I just thought, ‘Oh Mary, you are really funny.’”

In addition to her work in film and television, Moore was known for her charity work with JDRF, formerly the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which helps raise funds and awareness for Type 1 diabetes. Moore was diagnosed with the disease at age 33 and served as the foundation's international chairman.

Moore was also a longtime animal rights activist. In 1999, she and Peters co-founded Broadway Barks, a star-studded “adopt-a-thon” aimed at helping find permanent homes for cats and dogs in the New York city area. The event takes place every July.

“Her heart was bigger than anyone I’ve ever met, really,” Peters said. “She would like to be remembered as a humanitarian … she will be remembered as the comic genius that she was. She will be remembered as a huge, huge star in many areas on television and movies and stage. She’ll be remembered as a great beauty.”

ABC News' Luchina Fisher contributed to this report

Friday, December 30, 2016



Just one day after the death of actress Carrie Fisher, the world learned of the passing of her mother and Hollywood star Debbie Reynolds. “20/20” gives a wide-ranging look at not only their careers and legacies but also their loving, yet complex relationship. The one-hour special, anchored by Elizabeth Vargas, includes the highs and lows of Reynold’s memorable career, a spotlight on the next generation and Fisher’s life in Hollywood as well as heartfelt tributes from family and friends. “Debbie and Carrie: Heartbreak in Hollywood” airs tonight Friday, December 30 (10:00-11:00pm ET) on ABC.

“20/20” is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. David Sloan is senior executive producer.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Elizabeth Vargas

“20/20” explores one of the great United States government secrets of all time— how the administration and country will continue to operate in the wake of a catastrophic event that threatens the presidential line of succession. The special hour reports on real designated survivors, top secret bunkers and underground cities where the surviving government would be hidden, and how governments have reacted in the wake of devastating events including the day President Reagan was shot and the plane crash that took the lives of a Polish president and top Polish government officials. “The Real Designated Survivor” airs tonight on “20/20” Wednesday, November 23 (10:00 – 11:00 a.m., ET) on ABC.

Anchor Elizabeth Vargas speaks with former real-life designated survivors Dan Glickman (1997) and Gale Norton who was the designated survivor during the first State of the Union following the 9/11 attacks. They explain what it is like to be held in a separate, secure location and in the protection of the Secret Service during major events and how the role has changed post-9/11. In addition, Vargas sits down with award-winning actor Kiefer Sutherland who plays President Tom Kirkman on ABC’s “Designated Survivor." “20/20” goes behind the scenes on the set of “Designated Survivor” and talks to co-star and former White House staffer Kal Penn and series consultant Rich Klein about how they try to make the show as accurate as possible. "20/20" also investigates the 2010 Smolensk air disaster, which killed Polish President Lech KaczyƱski, top Polish government officials and military leaders, what caused the plane to go down and how the Polish government reacted to losing its leader.

ABC News Chief Global Affairs Correspondent Martha Raddatz gives a rare look at what happened the day John Hinckley Jr. attempted to assassinate former President Ronald Reagan. Raddatz speaks to former ABC News White House Correspondent Sam Donaldson who witnessed the attempted assassination and Reagan's National Security Advisor Richard Allen who plays never-before-televised audio recordings of the meetings that took place in the White House Situation Room that day, revealing top officials grappling with the continuity of government.

Also in the hour, Senior Justice Correspondent Pierre Thomas goes behind the fortified walls of a once-classified Congressional safe haven bunker and underground cities, built for U.S. government officials to assemble in the wake of a nuclear attack or other major disastrous event.

"20/20" is anchored by Elizabeth Vargas and David Muir. David Sloan is senior executive producer.

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas returned to co-anchor “20/20” after completing her rehabilitation for alcohol. She sat down with George Stephanopoulos to discuss her journey. The interview aired on “Good Morning America” this morning. To watch the video, please visit HERE

Wednesday, January 30, 2013



David Muir And Elizabeth Vargas

ABC News President Ben Sherwood made an announcement yesterday about the on-air team at “20/20″.

David Muir will join Elizabeth Vargas as co-anchor while continuing to anchor “World News” on the weekends and to substitute for Diane and report during the week.

For the last two years David has appeared on air more often than any correspondent at any news division, reporting from Tahrir Square to Fukushima to Tucson to Aurora.

David has been an authoritative presence at the anchor desk, most recently anchoring nearly five hours straight as we learned of the horrible events unfolding in Newtown.

Last year he logged thousands of hours on the road while covering the Romney campaign, crisscrossing the country numerous times. His interviews with Governor Romney often made headlines far beyond ABC News.