The Lesson

Cynics might scoff at the idea, but Virginia Welch knows what she's talking about. It is still possible to find the love of your life, the mate God has promised you. But you can expect some bumpy travel along the way.

The Lesson is a romantic comedy based on a true story. The main character, Gina, went off to college and came home with Michael, the cool, rich law student who made her Italian-American family proud. Now Michael has dumped her, her parents are barely speaking to her, and she’s dating a blind chemist twice her age. But those are just her little problems.

Tonight she opened her door to a stranger who followed her home from a meeting. Destiny or idiocy? He seemed like a nice, ordinary guy. Of course, they say the same thing about serial killers. Can a starry-eyed co-ed recast her expectations of the kind of guy who will make her happy? Does God have a sense of humor?

The Lesson is a light, dynamic story deftly portraying a few serious issues as well. Challenging our preconceived attitudes about physical attraction and the “perfect spouse” in a friendly way, backed by a deep and abiding faith, the book is easy to read and hard to forget.

Virginia Hull Welch's nonfiction book, What to Do When the Blessings Stop – When God Sends Famine is due to be published in summer 2013. Her second novel, Crazy Woman Creek, an inspirational Western romance, was released this month. Her fourth book and second nonfiction, The Hiss from Hell Only Women Hear, Is It Tradition or Is It Truth? will be released late 2013.

Ginny lives with her husband in Virginia Beach where she works as a full-time marketing writer and editor. She attends New Life Providence Church and volunteers at Union Mission Ministries of Norfolk, writing résumés for homeless women to help them find work.

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Cooper's Revenge


Cooper’s Revenge (First Coast Publishers), the first novel by Terrence L. Williams - a thirty-year decorated veteran of the CIA, is a gripping thriller that draws attention to the devastating toll improvised explosive devices (IED’s) have taken on our military men and women serving in the Middle East, and highlights Iran’s complicity in this tragedy through its training of proxies – the Taliban and Al Qaeda – to further their objectives. This became the inspiration for Williams’ book and is why he dedicated it to Wounded Warriors in honor of these brave soldiers.

Williams’ suspenseful novel pits recently retired Logan Alexander, a Navy Seal attempting to put his life back together following a career-ending injury in Afghanistan, against Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp’s elite unit, the Qods Force, which is training terrorists at a secret facility in the Middle East. Logan learns that his younger brother Cooper has been killed by an IED in an ambush while on patrol with his Ranger unit in Iraq.

While the Alexander family grapples with their loss, Logan delves into the circumstances leading to Cooper’s death. Partnering with an unlikely source, a Kuwaiti billionaire whose own family has been devastated by terrorism, he recruits a group of Special Forces operatives to mount a covert operation against the Qods Force training facility. This secret arm of the Revolutionary Guard plays a huge part in exporting terror while shielding Iran’s leadership from the public eye – keeping the main focus of the U.S. and its allies on Iran’s nuclear ambitions and the threat it poses.

Logan conceives a complex plan that takes his team to the Sonora Desert, Europe, and the Middle East, where he comes face-to-face with the man responsible for his brother’s death. The breakneck pacing of the expertly woven twists and turns in this action-packed read have many believing it would make a blockbuster movie hit.

In this riveting account of a soldier’s pledge to avenge his brother’s untimely death, Cooper’s Revenge grabs the reader’s attention from the first page and keeps up the electrifying pace all the way to the explosive ending. Readers soon realize Logan could not have known the world of mystery and intrigue he was about to step into…

Terrence L. Williams is a veteran CIA Operations Officer who trained with and supported U.S. Special Forces. The recipient of numerous awards and medals, he was awarded a Congressional Fellowship under the auspices of the American Political Science Association, during which he conducted graduate coursework at Johns Hopkins School for Advanced International Studies and worked on Legislative Affairs in the Senate.

The eldest of five children born into a military family, Williams attended Bridgewater State University near Boston. He has lived in various places around the globe but now calls Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida home, where he enjoys hiking with his wife, Carol. For more information on this talented author whose new book confirms his status as a writer to watch in the thriller genre, please visit his website: A sequel to Cooper’s Revenge will debut sometime this year.

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A Southern Solution

Given all the political turmoil around our country today, there is only one possible solution, says satirist Alan Beck. Laugh.

In his new book A Southern Solution (Createspace), he follows a retired psychiatrist as he attempts to escape to Mexico and away from the chaos and corruption that is America. Despite being fiction, the satire features the only too-real current dysfunctional state of the nation.

“If you can’t laugh at it, it’s only going to hurt,” says Beck. “Conveying the message of our downward spiral is important as we seem to stall at any important decisions in our society.”

A Southern Solution is a dark satire about the disappearing American Dream. The main character's plans for a lazy, margarita-fueled retirement are thrown into chaos when a zany cast of characters steps into the picture. Both the FBI and the Chinese government seem to have bigger plans for him, and Kopfklopper soon finds himself in a dizzying whirlwind of political intrigue. As he works his way through the mess, he finds the key to balancing America’s national budget without negatively impacting anyone, and now the clock is ticking as he decides whether to become the next big politician or to stick with his new life of leisure on the beach.

Beck believes A Southern Solution will appeal to mature audiences disillusioned with the current political, economical and ethical state of America, much like his main character. He takes serious events happening around the world today and puts a humorous twist on them in order to engage readers, rather than bore us with a recap of the events we live through day after day.

“A Southern Solution addresses most current events. It looks at how we can solve the national deficit without reducing entitlements or raising taxes,” Beck says. “Real politicians are running on platforms that support part of this. My novel aims to shed light on what is going on in our country, Europe and the rest of the world.
“Hopefully by laughing at the situation we can come to grips with our circumstances,” Beck adds. “The affairs of the world and our country are often comic as well as tragic. We all view a certain amount of insanity in daily life. Writing satire is my way of dealing with it.”

A Chicago native, Beck has been a practicing physician in the Midwest for more than thirty years. He is married with two adult children and a dog, and enjoys spending time with them. He also loves to read, bike, play tennis and golf. This is his second novel.

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The first-ever circumnavigation of Death Valley National Park


Running On Empty

This month, extreme endurance athlete Marshall Ulrich and firefighter Dave Heckman finished an unprecedented expedition, going on foot around the perimeter of Death Valley National Park during the hottest part of summer, completely unaided and unassisted. They began on July 22 and concluded 16 days later on August 7.

While others have trekked in this area, no one has attempted to circumnavigate the park, and certainly not during the height of summer when the threat of dehydration and heat stroke are dire. To grasp the gravity of this, consider that on the same day Ulrich and Heckman finished their trek, another accomplished ultrarunner died in Death Valley after just a few hours under the blazing sun.

To survive the scorching 120°+ temperatures and be self-sufficient even as they moved through remote areas, crossed six mountain ranges with a total of about 40,000 feet of elevation gain, and covered approximately 425 miles, the men had buried water, food, and supplies along their route two months earlier. Nearly all of the 37 caches were intact; in one, the water had leaked out, and a few were invaded by insects, but none of this created a shortage and they had enough water and food to sustain them throughout the journey.

Still, at 5’9", 61-year-old Ulrich dropped 10 pounds, and Heckman, who is 5’11" and age 38, dropped 25 pounds. They attribute the rapid weight loss to the exertion and adaptation required to complete 20 to 34 miles a day in an extreme environment.

They saw no other hikers along the way, just a couple of cars and one park ranger, some hardy desert animals and plants, hundreds of defunct mining sites, Charlie Manson’s old hiding place, an active gold mine, several ghost towns, and jaw-dropping landscapes. More than anything else, they encountered solitude.

Ulrich remarked, "It’s amazing how self-sufficient you can become. When you strip away all the luxuries we’re accustomed to in day-to-day living, you realize how little you really need, how distracting a lot of that stuff is, and how it gets in the way of a certain peacefulness you can find within yourself without it.

“Probably the most beautiful thing we experienced was waking up at night and realizing that our only ceiling was the stars.”

This groundbreaking circumnavigation of Death Valley National Park constitutes a previously unimaginable feat, but it’s hardly Ulrich’s first successful outing. He’s completed the Badwater Ultramarathon (also run in Death Valley and known as “the toughest footrace in the world”) more times than anyone else, won the race more times than anyone else, set and holds records there, and was the first to run it four times in a row as well as run it solo, completely unaided and self-supported. All told, he’s competed in more than 100 races of more than 125 miles each and a dozen multi-day adventure races. In his fifties, Ulrich summitted the highest peaks on each continent, including Mount Everest, on first attempts.

Without question, his toughest undertaking was at age 57, when he went 3,063 miles on foot from San Francisco to New York City. He was attempting to break a world record established by a man half his age, and he ultimately set two new records by completing the third fastest trans-American crossing in history. He included all this in his book, Running on Empty: An Ultramarathoner’s Story of Love, Loss, and a Record-Setting Run Across America.

When Ulrich first heard Heckman’s plan to circumnavigate Death Valley National Park on foot, he thought it was not only crazy but impossible. Now, Ulrich happily admits he was only half right. Heckman insists this was one of the best ideas he’s ever had, second only to getting married and having kids. The two men shared highs and lows, and times when they questioned whether they would survive, but they are grateful for the experience.

The Death Valley expedition was professionally filmed, and Ulrich and Heckman also shot 3-D footage. They hope it will be used to create a documentary that highlights the history of the national park and raises important questions about its future.

Please visit for a closer look at Ulrich’s adventures.

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Busted! Riveting Stories Of Tax Evasion And Fraud By An IRS Insider


Tax evasion and fraud do not discriminate and can be perpetrated by anyone – from middle-class Americans to high profile celebrities starting with Al Capone, Willie Nelson, and continuing more recently with Wesley Snipes.

Bruce Bronstein is making a name for himself as a master storyteller in his four novels that tell riveting accounts of tax evasion and fraud and what it takes to go after the perpetrators. His lengthy career with the IRS, handling some of the country’s most complex and controversial cases, provides the backdrop for Bronstein’s compelling stories. His novels, a perfect blend of humor, crime and the inner workings of the IRS and our legal system, make for a read not easy to put down.

Stan, a corrupt tax lawyer, subject to disciplinary action for failing to meet the standard of conduct expected of tax practitioners, is involved in the death of an IRS agent. The agent’s death, which has been staged to look like an accident, is at the center of Bronstein’s first book Nondisclosable. When IRS officials find circumstantial evidence in the dead agent’s audit files that incriminate the lawyer, it’s rendered useless because they can’t disclose the information. Although police lack the hard evidence needed to solve the mystery, the IRS is prepared to extract revenge against the lawyer – who soon finds himself embroiled in a variety of criminal conspiracies. Forced to face legendary agent Louie Lipschitz, the lawyer fears there is no escape in sight…

Full Disclosure, Bronstein’s second book, shows the corrupt lawyer going to prison at the same time the department is prosecuting another case that involves the largest individual tax cheat in history. Before the case is concluded, it leads to yet another tax case that implicates a man who was once the most powerful person in the U.S. The consequences of the investigation take a deadly turn and potential witnesses suffer a horrible fate. To ensure the prosecution is successful, law enforcement officials must take extreme measures and make tough decisions that have them deal-making with a notorious figure. Full Disclosure takes readers on a roller-coaster ride through our criminal justice system, showing how the unpredictability of one case can impact another seemingly unrelated case in an ironic twist of fate.

Imagine a bribery conspiracy, fraud, abuse of power and illicit sex – now imagine it’s taking place within the IRS! In Den of Thieves, the third novel by Bronstein, a shocking discovery is made that undermines the integrity of the IRS when its own employees, responsible for the administration of the nation’s tax laws, are found to be manipulating the system in a plot so ingenious only one intrepid IRS agent can solve the mystery. As Lipschitz, their fearless agent, finds himself matching wits with a brilliant sociopath currently behind bars, it’s not certain that even he can overcome all the challenges placed in his path.

Due for release this summer, Reversal of Justice finds Erica Whitman plotting revenge against the federal government due to her imprisonment for her role in a conspiracy to defraud the IRS. As she schemes to have her conviction overturned, Erica is also planning a diabolical strategy that she believes will guarantee her instant wealth while helping her extract revenge on federal prosecutors. While the Justice Department and IRS officials once again deal with an ingenious and calculating criminal mastermind, more colorful characters surface that challenge the authority of the IRS. Meanwhile, the police are forced to deal with murder contracts placed on the head of Louie Lipschitz, who has incurred the wrath of more than a few of these characters.

Bruce Bronstein is a former IRS Tax Law Specialist who also worked in the Appeals Division where he handled some of the largest and most complex cases in the country. His 30 years of experience specializing in civil fraud cases brings distinct authenticity to his novels and takes the subject of tax controversy to new levels. Drawing five star reviews on, his informative and witty novels explore how controversial tax issues are handled by the various functions within the IRS and our legal system.

For more information on Bruce Bronstein’s novels, please visit:
Books can be purchased online through Amazon or the author’s website.

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The Art & Science of Moviemaking:
A Revolutionary Approach

The Art & Science of Moviemaking:
A Revolutionary Approach

Jonathan D. Krane’s—blockbuster film producer of over 40 motion pictures, manager to nearly 150 movie stars, former studio owner, and authoritative educator—releases his groundbreaking work The Art & Science of Moviemaking: A Revolutionary Approach. Newly available as an ebook through Polimedia Publishing, it is a comprehensive tome about the film industry written for the classroom, and a valuable resource for industry professionals and film buffs who will learn from Krane’s powerful insights and wealth of industry knowledge.

Recognized throughout his long, $1 billion-plus producing career for his work in the film industry, Krane has received numerous accolades including “The Hollywood Visionary Award” in 2000 and People’s Choice Awards for “Favorite Comedy Motion Picture” for Look Who’s Talking. On June 4, 1999, the highly-respected trade publication Daily Variety dedicated its issue in the 20th anniversary of his career with a cover and numerous features celebrating Krane’s storied career. Krane is known as a game changer within the film industry. As founder, chairman, and CEO of the independent movie studio MCEG, Krane produced over 40 motion pictures (both studio and independent), including Swordfish, The General’s Daughter, Primary Colors, Face/Off, Michael, and the hugely successful Look Who’s Talking trilogy, among other hit movies. In his decades in the industry, he has managed over 150 talented actors and writers, including John Travolta, Kim Basinger, Drew Barrymore, Teresa Russell, Sandra Bernhard, to name a select few.

Testimonials about Jonathan D. Krane

· “Industry sages regularly cite Krane as one of the top 10 producers and managers in Hollywood. No one in Hollywood today has Krane’s combination of experience in business, production or management.” – Richard Lovett, President of Creative Artists Agency

· “Mr. Krane’s body of work is a demonstration of his great independent spirit. With Jonathan, the impossible becomes possible.” – Carlos de Abreu, Founder of the Hollywood Film Festival

· “Krane picks up a lot of slack in terms of what it takes to get movies done. He’s really been through the process, from big ones to little ones. He’s a great partner because he really gets it.” – Cassian Elwes, Previous Head of William Morris Independent

About the Book

Jonathan Krane, renowned teacher and recipient of the Hollywood Visionary and Peoples' Choice Awards, believes the unregulated Hollywood movie industry is responsible for "interfering with the creative vision of countless professionals because the movie industry has no articulated, published, or even agreed-upon processes, activities, rules, job functions, rights of passage, or even any definitions of commonly used words." While written for the classroom, industry professionals and film buffs will also learn from Krane's powerful insights.

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New Kids On The Block

An intimate, all-access, backstage pass to everything New Kids on the Block, from their rise to fame in the 1980s to their fall from grace in the 1990s—and their triumphant comeback today.

Jordan, Jon, Joe, Donnie, and Danny. They set the bar for every boy band that followed and changed the course of pop music forever. In the 1980s, for millions of young girls around the world, they were gods. But behind the scenes, they were just kids. In this authorized biography of the band, the New Kids tell it all to rock journalist Nikki Van Noy.

From makeshift stages in Boston clubs to soldout shows at Madison Square Garden, through winning American Music Awards and selling 80 million records, the New Kids on the Block (NKOTB) were a rite of passage and a touchstone of youthful memories. Scoring platinum albums, and with a series of sold-out international tours, NKOTB blazed through North and South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia, leaving throngs of screaming teen and tween girls in their wake. But after a few heady years, the guys (and their fans) grew up, and moved on. The New Kids disbanded in 1994 and, for nearly fifteen years, there was every reason to believe that the NKOTB phenomenon was over once and for all.

But then an unexpected thing happened. The band (and their fans) got a second chance to relive their youth when NKOTB reunited in 2008. And they realized that this band has something special—an unbreakable bond with their fans and with each other that has only strengthened with the passage of time. Today, fans both old and new celebrate the band’s triumphant comeback with sold-out concerts, cruises, and top-selling albums. And this time, Jordan, Jon, Joe, Donnie, and Danny are enjoying it all right alongside them. An intimate, all-access backstage pass to everything New Kids on the Block, from their meteoric rise to fame

Nikki Van Noy talks directly to those loyal fans, as well as to all five band members and their families, weaving their stories together in this no-holds-barred chronicle. With frankness and honesty, each New Kid recalls nearly thirty years of experience with the group, both on and off the stage. Like a time machine, this book will take you right back—giving you an inside look at the New Kids like you’ve never seen them before.

An intimate, all-access backstage pass to everything New Kids on the Block, from their meteoric rise to fame in the 1980s to the band’s breakup in the 1990s— and their triumphant comeback today

“We’re siting there, and all of a sudden Jordan said, ‘You know we’re gonna be famous, right? We’re gonna be famous.’ And he was right.” —Joe

“All that stuf f we never experienced in college, we experienced on the road, just the five of us.” —Jon

“There’s just no words to describe it. I guess the only thing similar is a Super Bowl quarterback winning it for his hometown.” —Danny

“It’s amazing. It’s almost like going through life and then geting another chance at life, knowing what you know now.” —Jordan

“My dad said, ‘I’ll tell you what—if you ever make it big and you come home and you’ve changed, I’m gonna kick your ass.’ That always rang in my head.” —Donnie

Nikki Van Noy is the author of So Much to Say, a biography of the Dave Matthews Band. She works as a writer and editor in Boston, Massachusetts

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 Stellar Medicine

Stellar Medicine: A Journey Through the Universe of Women's Health by Dr. Saralyn Mark (Brick Tower Press), serves as a guidebook for controversial health issues. Dr. Mark explores the political and social environment which shapes these issues while weaving in her unique adventures on all the continents and with the space program to illustrate her points.

This book contains advice based upon scientific evidence and explains the social and political environment shaping this information. Use it as a guide to help you make good decisions. “What has been frustrating for me as a doctor, and I know for you as a patient, is that there is never enough time to ask questions and get the answers that you need and deserve. So think of this book as you read it, as our time together as doctor and patient, but in the comfort of your home.”

Dr. Saralyn Mark is a world-renowned leader and pioneer in woman’s health. An endocrinologist, geriatrician, and woman’s health specialist, she was the first senior medical advisor to the Office on Women’s Health within the Department of Health and Human Services and is a medical consultant for NASA.

She designed the first women’s health fellowship in the U.S., helped create the National Centers of Leadership in Academic Medicine, the National Centers of Excellence in Women’s Health, and landmark educational campaigns on critical health issues. Dr. Mark, a faculty member at Yale and other universities, has lectured around the world and is a frequent contributor to media outlets including CNN, Good Morning America Health, and the Washington Post.

As president of SolaMed Solutions, LLC, she continues to serve as a medical and scientific policy advisor to organizations and agencies dedicated to improving health for women and men around the globe and beyond.

For information on Dr. Mark or her new book, please visit:

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Eddie Upnick's 2052

Eddie Upnick interviewed Sidney Dowse in a 1995 chance meeting in Antigua. Before the Second World War broke out, Sidney worked in secret operations for Stewart Menzies. Menzies was the head of MI-6 and had daily meetings with Winston Churchill. Sidney related never before told stories to Upnick, under the condition that they would not be revealed until after Sidney Dowse’s death, which occurred in 2008.

Did time travelers help the allies win World War II?

Sound far-fetched? Perhaps. The head of MI-6 during World War Two, Stewart Menzies, claimed to have met two men carrying hand-held, voice-activated devices before Germany invaded Poland. These men “supposedly” broke the German Enigma codes and improved the fledgling English radar systems.

Thirty years of research and several “off the record” interviews compelled author Eddie Upnick to piece this tale together. Time Will Tell (Label Man Books) may read like pure fiction, but Upnick claims thirty facts are hidden inside the walls of this “novel.”

Dowse later became much more famous for the fact that his plane was shot down and he was captured and eventually sent to Sagan, the prison camp portrayed in the 1963 movie ‘The Great Escape.’ Sidney was a tunnel king who escaped along with 75 other men, 50 of whom were shot by the Gestapo.

Did Churchill know the date and time of the Pearl Harbor attack weeks beforehand? Was Neville Chamberlain the fool history has portrayed him to be? How did these time travelers alter history to assure an Allied victory?

Were ancient writings, dating back to 155 million years ago, discovered in North Dakota? What did they tell us?

Upnick also interviewed top level directors at Area 51 to look for second sources for Menzies stories.

These questions and hundreds more are answered in this amazing book. Fact or fiction, let the reader decide.

Time Will Tell is the first in a fast-paced, thrilling trilogy. The sequel, Future Tense, picks up the story twenty years later in 2022 when after Putin’s death, Russia is run by former KGB agents selling nuclear weapons to the highest bidder. Upnick gives a realistic look at what our world could look like in 15 years, under such circumstances.

2052 is the final in the trilogy and ties all three books together in a plot so intriguing it will have readers’ adrenaline flowing at warp speed as the next generation tries to save the world from threats from outer space. This reality-based, science fiction plot thrusts readers deeper into what may be our possible future, leaving them wondering, ‘what if?’

Eddie Upnick was the inventor of Super Chess, one of Games Magazine’s Strategy Games of the Year in 1984. Upnick worked as a joke writer in the 1970’s, working with Rodney Dangerfield among others, and was a situation comedy writer in the 70’s and 80’s before beginning his detailed research for Time Will Tell.

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Audrey Hepburn: A Charmed Life

Audrey Hepburn

Overcoming a complicated childhood in the complicated Nazi-occupied Germany, Miss Audrey Hepburn skyrocketed to stardom in her early twenties when she stole the screen opposite Gregory Peck in Roman Holiday. From early aspirations to become a prima ballerina, the universal acclaim of her onscreen début, and her quick ascend up the Hollywood hierarchy, Audrey Hepburn: A Charmed Life (Arcade Publishing, August 2012) celebrates the life of this beloved fashion icon and actress.

Beyond her onscreen beauty, author Robin Karney details Audrey's devotion to helping the poorest children of the Third World, setting her apart from her Hollywood companions. United Nations Children’s Fund

Before claiming the Oscar for Best Actress for her work in Roman Holiday, Audrey began to climb to the top with a series of minor revue and film roles in London, where she was discovered by Colette to star in Gigi. Karney highlights all of Audrey's success that followed—winning the Tony Award for Best Actress for Ondine, captivating audiences as Natasha in War and Peace, brilliantly performing her uncharacteristically serious role in The Nun's Story—and most importantly, establishing herself as the fashion icon of the century. With an impeccable style inspired by Givenchy, Audrey earned her a place on the World's Best Dressed Women list for several consecutive years.

Supported by 177 stunning photographs, Karney carefully captures the delicate, intangible facets of Audrey's style, poise, talent, and heart that fascinated a generation. Audrey Hepburn: A Charmed Life is a rare and beautiful glimpse into the life of an irresistible star: Her personality and sensuous yet untouchable beauty made her irresistible to the public—but it was her work to provide aid for suffering children that cemented her place above the rest.

About the Author

Robyn Karney's work in film includes writing and editing, film criticism, and film story consultancy. She is the editor of Who's Who in Hollywood. Karney lives in London, England.

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By: Stephen Schochet

Classic, Little-Known Secrets Of Hollywood Icons Revealed

Hollywood Stories

After collecting literally hundreds of vintage tales of Hollywood legends over the years, Stephen Schochet not only wrote a book that everyone could enjoy on the glamorous, and not so glamorous, stories of Hollywood icons, but also created audiobooks. As explained in an interview with Reuters, this entrepreneur told two kinds of stories on his tour bus; origin stories – telling how things we take for granted came to be, and funny anecdotes. He not only read a lot of books to find his material, but also tried to meet people who were connected to the famous (like housekeepers) that he could garner some tidbits from! His book is a special blend of biography, history and legends that covers scandalous yarns on some of Hollywood’s greatest characters – from John Wayne to Marlon Brando. The eBook also covers little-known vignettes about such diverse genres from classic westerns like Unforgiven to vintage superhero movies like Superman and Batman.

Hollywood Stories: Short, Entertaining Anecdotes About the Stars and Legends of the Movies! (Hollywood Stories Publishing) is packed with wild and wonderful short tales on many famous stars, movies and directors – anyone who has been a part of the world’s most fascinating and unpredictable industry!

Schochet is also the author and narrator of two audiobooks. The first is Tales of Hollywood which started as a way to highlight the origins of how famous things in Hollywood began, combined with humorous tales about the stars - for which he masterfully provided background music and sound effects to add realism. The second project, Fascinating Walt Disney, was a huge hit – telling stories of how Walt created Mickey Mouse, Disneyland, Snow White, and all his endearing characters, causing the host of one radio show to dub Schochet ‘The best storyteller about Hollywood we have ever heard.’

The author covers the gamut when it comes to situational stories; from the one about a lazy, well-paid Marlon Brando almost refusing to show up on the set of the 1978 movie Superman, then refusing to learn his dialogue and at one point having the lines penned on the bottom of his Superbaby’s diaper! Stephen also shares the story about blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe, suggesting that rather than place her hands and feet in the wet cement at Grauman’s Chinese Theater for the premiere of her 1953 comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, there were other body parts she’d be better remembered for. Hollywood Stories truly has something for everyone. It is a thoroughly entertaining book that features a remarkable cast of Hollywood’s legendary characters and icons and is jam-packed with surprising and funny tales with often unpredictable endings. No matter which page the book is opened on, there will be some fascinating part of Hollywood history to be savored!

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Targets of Opportunity

 Targets of Opportunity

Realism impacts every chapter of Jeffrey Stephens’ powerful stories with an energy that doesn’t quit to the very last page – and still leaves you wanting more. His latest book, Targets of Opportunity (Gallery Books) is no exception. Telling a vivid story of the real and present dangers of our modern world, it’s evident that Stephens’ once again did his homework, researching everything from weapons and government agencies to the secretive world of intelligence. Stephens is a natural born, great storyteller who has been endorsed by the #1 New York Times best-seller, Vince Flynn.

Stephens’ book tells the story of top CIA agent, Jordan Sandor, who gets mind-blowing details about a secret alliance among operatives around the globe from a notorious terrorist agent in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard - in exchange for protection from his own side. There are no specifics; just that the strike will target the heart of America.

Using details from the terrorist, Sandor puts together a small strike force of brave men (who realize they might not all return) to penetrate one of the operatives. They uncover intelligence that thrusts Sandor and a few Navy SEALS into a race against time to thwart a plan of destruction that would change the world order forever.

Targets of Opportunity is a terrifyingly real reminder that terrorists will stop at nothing to attack the United States. For more information on Jeffrey Stephens and his riveting novels, please visit his website at:

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By: Bridgette Murphy

 Bold, Fierce & Transformed

Have you ever set a major goal in life such as becoming an award-winning actress, being signed by a record company, or publishing a book? Bridgette Murphy dared to dream big and guess what? She became a successful author and had an opportunity to act with Oscar winner Hillary Swank.

If you don’t dare to pursue a dream then life will pass you by, leaving you to ask: “What if?” In Bridgette Murphy’s Bold, Fierce and Transformed: The Process of Life-Changing Transformation (Xulon Press), she shares how to be bold enough to recognize the barriers but daring enough to move forward in order to accomplish our goals; in other words, how to reach our full capacity in spite of life’s adversities!

“It’s about being fierce, persistent, and passionate enough to break through every obstacle and reach your desired destination,” says Murphy.

Not willing to accept the barriers life delivered, she chose instead to dedicate her life, gifts, and talents to inspiring others and helping them come into their purpose. This is profoundly evident in her book which offers the encouragement to press beyond internal and external barriers, pursue your passion and God-given purpose – and reach your true potential.

Bold, Fierce and Transformed is a life-changing book that invites you to take a transformational journey. It is a practical guide to help readers understand that no matter where they are now, it's not where they always have to be. Infused with inspirations, Murphy’s book challenges each reader to stretch beyond their comfort zone and venture into a land of personal growth.

Murphy is the President and CEO of The Bold and Fierce Foundation – a global enterprise that specializes in delivering practical, purpose-driven messages to religious organizations, educational institutions, women, young professionals and youth through the art of dancing, writing and speaking.

A passionate writer, visionary, innovator, teacher and in-demand corporate speaker, Murphy has helped women and youth come into their purpose as they understand their value, find their passion for life, and reach their true potential. Please visit: for more information.

Bridgette Murphy’s inspiring and motivating book will challenge you to your core to be bold, be fierce, be transformed!

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By: Nora Zelevansky

 Semi-Charmed Life

Nora Zelevansky is a novelist, freelance journalist, essayist and editor, whose writing has appeared in publications including ELLE, Vanity Fair online,, Cosmopolitan, Travel + Leisure, the Los Angeles Times, Martha Stewart Weddings, Town & Country,, SELF, The Daily Beast, The Washington Post and Daily Candy to name a few.

Her debut novel SEMI-CHARMED LIFE hit shelves yesterday July 3rd. This first in a two-book deal with St. Martin's Press draws heavily on her childhood on Manhattan's Upper West side with art world parents, Lynn Zelevansky who is Director of The Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburg she was at MoMA when Nora was a child and Paul Zelevansky who is a visual artist and professor who has taught at UCLA, USC, and Carnegie Melon. With charmingly quirky humor, plenty of heart, and a refreshing spark, SEMI-CHARMED LIFE explores the exclusive world of rarefied Manhattan in this modern-day fairytale of finding oneself, discovering first love, and all of the bumps along the way.

Molly Jong-Fast, author of THE SOCIAL CLIMBER’S HANDBOOK, calls the novel,“ An amazing new voice, a romantic and magical romp through the hip, glitzy and overheated and over-hyped worlds of fashion, art and music...Deft, funny, inspired”

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By: Sylvia Day

Bared To You

Fifty Shades of Grey (and its sequels) has taken the world by storm, selling several million copies, introducing erotic fiction to mainstream readers, and turning author E.L. James into an overnight star. Publishers everywhere are asking “What will all these Fifty Shades of Grey fans read next?” Berkley Executive Editor Cindy Hwang let the readers themselves lead her to the answer.

Author Sylvia Day originally self-published Bared To You (Berkley Trade Paperback), offering the first installment in her Crossfire series as an eBook and a print-on-demand title. The buzz for Day’s erotically-charged novel began within days of the April 3 publication—reviewers across the internet compared the book (favorably) to Fifty Shades of Grey. Bared To You immediately jumped into the list of top 40 bestselling eBooks at both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The book is now a national bestseller, landing on both the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists.

On May 24, Berkley Books took over the publication of Bared To You, releasing a slightly revised eBook edition, complete with brand-new cover art that speaks directly to the Fifty Shades of Grey audience. On June 12, Berkley will release a trade paperback edition of the book.

Bared To You is the first book in the Crossfire trilogy about recent college graduate Eva Tramell and billionaire businessman Gideon Cross. The book finds Eva accepting her first job at an advertising firm located in the New York City skyscraper owned by Gideon. When she and Gideon first meet, the chemistry is overwhelming and instantaneous. But both Eva and Gideon bear emotional scars, and a healthy romantic relationship is foreign to them. The trilogy explores the developing physical and emotional relationship of these two complex characters.

Day is known for her romantic and deeply emotional novels and Bared To You is no different. While Day explores the exciting and passionate physical relationship Eva and Gideon share, it is the emotional connection between the two that is so captivating. Undoubtedly, readers who want an intense romance and a taste of the darker edge of sensuality will find all they are looking for in Day’s newest novel.

The second book in the series, Deeper in You, is set for release in October 2012 and the third book is set for release in early 2013.

Sylvia Day is the national bestselling and award-winning author of over a dozen novels written in the romance and urban fantasy genres under several pen names. A wife and mother of two, she is a former Russian linguist for the U.S. Army Military Intelligence. Visit her website at

UPDATED 7/3/12

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