Hunters Point South Park

Below is a statement from Hunters Point Parks Conservancy. I find it disgusting!

Earlier this week marked the 5th Anniversary of Hunters Point South Park Phase I. Over the past five years, Hunters Point Parks Conservancy has been the shepherd and steward of this great addition to the New York City Parks system.

We are proud of all the programs that we have brought to the waterfront in the past five years and we look forward, with your support, to be doing even more for the future.

A big thank you to all our volunteers who have gardened with us and made this waterfront park a gem on the East River. Also, thanks to all our sponsors who have made it possible for us to bring music and show movies to the public . All this against our magnificent New York City skyline in the 'Worlds's Borough ' of Queens.

Story By: Mark Christie, Vice President, Hunters Point Parks Conservancy

First let's make something clear. They say in this statement " A big thank you to all our volunteers who have gardened with us and made this waterfront park a gem on the East River"

First of all I remember 2 events here where volunteers gardened with you. First was the cleanup of one spot down by the piers and the second was planting flowers at LIC Landing, which someone alleged that the conservancy paid for. Now considering this is a business, shouldn't the business have paid for this? Should this have come out of conservancy funds? But this is what I am being told, but I understand, the restaurant kickbacks money to you. Is this fair to the community? Is it fair that you continue to have events with no permits?  I read you had a event the other day at Gantry, but 99% are your events at LIC Landing because the Conservancy gets a kickback and you get free food and drinks. But you, Mr. Mark Christie, Vice President of The Hunters Point Parks Conservancy are the worst violator of the park and I am going to tell you why.

 There is supposed to be a wall between the parks department, the conservancy and the business in the park. Any free food or drink is considered not proper. Not one person from the parks department is allowed to get a coffee, lunch or anything for free. This is because there has to be a separation of powers, so if there are issues, these bribes do not get in the way. But you Mr. Christie are down there almost every night for your free booze and free food. You are very famous as are your friends for drinking up a storm and drinking for free. I see conservancy members in the morning too, getting their free cup of coffee. But the sad thing about these freebees is I never see any of you tip. Do you think it is a honor for these hardworking people that work at LIC Landing to serve you?

You throw event after event and you do not seem to think you need permits which you do. Other members of the Conservancy tell me they had no idea about half of your events, because you do what ever you want to do. You throw these DJ Events where you and all your friends drink and party and you have no permits. You blast music, everyone is drinking in a children's play area of the sandbox and you are drinking for free as always.

Let me explain something to you Mr. Christie. Alcohol is only allowed in the seating area of the park. It is not allowed by the children's sandpit or anywhere but the seating area. You are the first to come up to me and remind me there is no smoking in the park, but you think the rules of this park do not apply to you or the conservancy.  

Most of your events do damage to the park. Most of your events need permits, but you seem to think you are above the law and when the parks department say's you need permits, you play dumb. None of us have any idea what you even do with the money you make for the conservancy. Your link on your webpage that says Annual Reports is only photos and you bragging on how much you do for the park. Nothing on what is being spent, nothing on what you raise. This is not transparency for the community to see what is being made, from who and where it is being spent.



Have the board and senior staff reviewed the conflict-of-interest policy and completed and signed disclosure statements in the past year?

You answered yes on this question. Now this would seem to me that if LIC Landing is kicking back money to you and you are eating and drinking for free, this is a conflict of interest? Isn't it? A conservancy is supposed to be the watchdog for the park, how can you take on issues with the restaurant if you are getting free booze and free food and getting a percentage of the profits. How can you take on issues with these big events if you are getting a piece of the pie?

Not only that, the owner of LIC Landing is very generous. Do you think it is right to keep taking freebee after freebee? Don't you ever think that you are taking advantage by taking all these freebees?

I and other residents have kept quiet all summer long, event after event with no permits and event after event that generates garbage and damage to the park. The Parks Department says you just will not listen. They tell you you need permits, they tell you so many times that you are not allowed to do this and that, yet you keep doing these things. I think it is time to take further action to stop you from breaking the laws our our beautiful park. I think it is time for the residents here to start our own conservancy.

 I also think it is time for transparency on your website and show us how much these events are paying you and where the money is being spent. We as a community have a right to know since you are using a public park for the gain of a few, and that is you Mr. Christie. I and other residents do not benefit from selling out our park. We do not benefit with the trash and the damage these events do to the park. You may have every politician in your pocket, you may have the police department in your pocket, but unless things change, I will bring in the big guns and that is the media, who I have in my pocket. All our photos speak for themselves and the hundreds of photos of you drinking up a storm on your Instagram page is just disgusting. You are supposed to set a example for the community. Photos of you and other conservancy members partying up a storm do not set a example. What it shows is you selling out our park for free booze and drinks.

Now let me explain what started me on this ramble. You post all over the internet patting the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy on the back. What about the parks department. What about our hard workers that come in here day after day after one of your messy events and cleans up? What about the park workers? They come in here every morning, they pick up all the garbage, they take care of the gardens, they do it all. How dare the Conservancy take credit for this. The least you could have done Mr. Christie was to give credit to our great parks workers. You could have thanked them as they have put up with your shit every summer. You could have told the public what a great job they do, but hey, it is always about you Mr. Christie. You are not a shepherd and steward of our park.