Wine Bottles & Garbage Everywhere

Garbage And Alcohol Bottles

Garbage By Bathroom

Garbage By LIC Landing

I am not going to get into a long drawn out story on The Hunters Point Conservancy. I and other residents are really upset at the way they treat our parks during and after one of their events.

First of all, most of us do enjoy Movie Night in the park. It is relaxing. But the rules and regulations of getting a permit for a event like this require a clean up crew after the event. Now I was in the park. I saw members of the Conservancy. Some brought their own wine, a violation of park rules. They then sat in the restaurant area drank free alcohol from the Owner Of LIC Landing.  Thats fine, it's one of their perks being part of the Conservancy. I get it.

Here is the rule--(p) Permittees are responsible for cleaning and restoring the site after the event. The cost of any employee overtime incurred because of a permittee's failure to clean
and/or restore the site following the event will be borne by the permittee.

Garbage By Parks Department Office

 All of this is fine with me, they could sit in the park for ten years and never catch up with the partying I did in my hay day photographing the rich and famous. My party antics were well documented daily on Page Six in the NY Post and on almost every TV Show. But at the same time, I always had a job to do and a job to complete. This is something the Conservancy needs to understand. The job begins after the movie, there must be a cleanup.

I watched members stumble out of the park. I was just dumbfounded that no one was cleaning up the trash from the event. At 8:15 pm that evening I made the last rounds of the park with the parks employees. They emptied out all the garbage cans, picked up any little mess and left.  At around 10:30pm the movie ended and their should have been a cleanup crew there to bring the park back to the way they found it. Clean!

Alcohol Bottles In Kids Sandbox

Tobbaco From Marijuana Wraps

Alcohol & Garbage On Lawn

I and other residents feel the Conservancy is the worst enemy of the park. These events make them money as LIC Landing gives back 3% of sales to them. So it is event after event. I can take this, I can shut up about this, but I can not stand by and watch the mess after each event and not say something. Liquor bottles everywhere, broken glass everywhere and the garbage stacked up so the rats can have a field day. This is not being a good caretaker of the park and not fair to the community.

Residents complained to the Conservancy. They were told they cleaned after the event and that the mess was from people in the park late at night. Not True, Not true at all. I photographed the trash right after the event and then again in the morning because the sun gives better photos.

So we have only a few options here. Either they clean up their act and clean up the park after their events, or I and other residents will start a new Conservancy. I have spoken to my lawyer and I have spoken to the parks department. No rules against it.