Coffeed And Hunters Point Conservancy Easter Party

It is really disgusting the mess left behind by the Easter event in Hunters Point South Park yesterday.

The event hosted by The Hunters Point Conservancy and LIC Landing Coffeed left thousands of  Easter eggs scattered all over the park and today they are floating in the waterways. They left garbage everywhere and the people who are supposed to be protecting the park could give a crap. Why? Because they are all friends and it is all about their friend Frank (Turtle) Raffaele who own's LIC Landing Coffeed making huge amounts of money off public land. The conservancy run by Mark Christie, Rob Basch, Lilian Chen, Matt Wallace (Jimmy Van Bramers Office), Ann O'Connor, Patrick Thompson, Barbara Etzel refuse to take on problems presented to them when it comes to LIC Landing Coffeed. They post photos of all of them together with the Hashtag #onepercenters. That tells the story.

I am amazed at the powers that be, continue to allow this treatment of our park. When I posted on the Hunters Point Civic association page and the Hunters Point Conservancy page, they deleted my posts. I re-posted and they deleted again. This is not what a conservancy and civic association should be doing. Everyone has a right to their say, even if you do not agree.  

Garbage At Coffeed Every Day During The Summer

I have spoken to the parks department today, I put in Freedom Of Information Requests for all city contracts for this park. I think it is a sham when a business pays 82 thousand a year in rent, gets control of the whole waterfront and residents can not even throw a party without paying LIC Landing Coffeed. I think it is a outrage that Macy's and every other event pays LIC Landing Coffeed and they only give back 3% to the conservancy. Sources in the park allege Macy's alone pays around 200 thousand to throw their 4th of July bash. Time Out magazine told me they paid 18 thousand for a few hour event. And there are dozens of events all summer long.  Does anyone know how much this money could help our parks? Instead it goes to a corporation. Not right. 

I have left a message for Matt Wallace who works for Jimmy Van Bramer and is also on the board of the conservancy. Till date, Jimmy Van Bramers office has not done anything about the mess created every day by this business operating in our parks. Residents send photos, we send e mails and they refuse to do anything about LIC Landing Coffeed because it is their friend. In fact, Jimmy Van Bramer's office has done nothing about residents complaints about just about anything. Could it be because that Frank (Turtle) Raffaele throws fundraisers for Van Bramers re-election at area restaurants?  Yes, we think so.

The sad fact is that LIC Landing Coffeed can throw any party they want on the land they rent, without permits, permission or anything. And we also wonder why they can sell Liquor when most Snack Bars in Parks and Zoos are not allowed. What a sham!