Giuliana Rancic

E! NEWS -- So many George Clooney memories, so little time.

But the Oscar winner of course factors prominently into our retrospective here featuring some of Giuliana Rancic's most unforgettable interview moments on E! News.

Whether chatting in Italian with Clooney, fan-girling over Sandra Bullock or complimenting Charlize Theron on just how impressively "bitchy" she could get for a role, Giuliana has been getting the A-list to smile and spill their secrets to us for the past 10 years.

And we've loved every minute of it!

In this exclusive montage, Giuliana talks to Angelina Jolie about her kids, gives Tom Cruise a pop quiz, asks Kate Winslet if she'd ever consider plastic surgery down the road and teaches Julia Roberts about Twitter.

Meanwhile, Clooney says he'd like to preserve copies of Giuliana on Fashion Police for future generations!

"Stop," she insists. Is someone blushing...

Jason Kennedy asked her today on the show who, out of all of those celebs, made her the most nervous. Take a guess, but of course watch the clip to find out—as well as to see the highlights of her sit-downs with some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

And don't fret, they will all meet again soon on the red carpet.