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Bad Neighbors The Westin Hotel New York

I had had it with the Westin New York Hotel, which is right across the street where I live. This company, this hotel could care less about 652 residents living right across the street. They break every law in our neighborhood and no one will do anything.


First of all this is how their hotel operates. All the doorman out front want to make every dollar in tips they can. They will only let taxis who tip them park in from of the hotel. If you don't tip, they send you away. They have endless taxis out front with their off-duty lights on, when in fact they are not off duty. The taxis do not want any fare except airport fares which make them good money. The only way you can get a airport fare from the doorman at the Westin is to bribe them. I have seen this many times. This not only is not right, it is illegal. All the tenants in this building have seen this.

You may ask why this bothers the tenants who live here? The reason is, the taxis and limos are double parked and triple parked and traffic can not get down the street. Everyone is beeping horns and when fire trucks attempt to get down the street, they can not. The actions of the Westin Hotel Times Square are a danger to the residents who live here and a danger to everyone in the neighborhood as the fire trucks and ambulances are stuck in traffic caused by the Westin.

The greedy doorman who work at the Westin New York could care less about anyone that lives here, it's all about making tips from the customers and the taxi drivers. They break every law and the police department refuses to do anything. I can only assume that since I see endless amounts of Police in and out of the back door of the Westin, that they are feeding them for free and giving them other perks. This is also against the law.

In front of my building is No Parking Anytime. This is the law. The Westin New York will tell their tour buses that they can not park in front of their building, because they want the tips from the taxi drivers and customers. They send them in front of ours where there is no parking anytime. We have very old tenants here and almost several times a day we need ambulances for emergencies. With these buses here ambulances can't get access to our front door. The handicapped vans that come to pick up our disabled tenants must park down the block and our disabled tenants must try to make their way in their walkers and wheelchairs. This is horrible. If you say something to the Westin doorman, they laugh at you and say "call a cop". They can do this, as they know the cops will do nothing. This is very sad, as the residents of this neighborhood deserve better treatment.

I dealt with the old manager of the Westin New York John Sweeney. He was always nice on the phone, but he always made promises and never kept them. We are being tortured with the daily activities of The Westin New York. Over the years since I lived here, I have had private meetings with members of our community board. I have met with our buildings landlord many times on these issues, I am always told by everyone, they will speak to the Westin and then nothing ever happens. I can only assume that since nothing is ever done, they are all close friends. They all belong to the same Times Square Alliance, they all attend the same meetings together, so they must all be in ca-hoots together to do whatever they want.


Atlantic Travel And Tours Illegally Parked

The Ugly Law Breaker Busdriver US Bus Rentals

Today I am trying to cross the street, after food shopping. I had to maneuver around illegally parked buses in front of my building, that were waiting for customers from The Westin New York. One bus company was Custom Coach And Limoways, also known as www.usbusrentals.com. Our building security guards asked this woman driver to move. He explained that there was no parking and our entrance could not be blocked as we have many old and disabled people living here and we can not have our entrance blocked for emergencies. This moron driver refused to move. I speak to her and I explain to her that the sign in front of her says 'No Parking Anytime', and she can not park here. She refuses to move.

Another company Atlantic Travel And Tours, also had their bus illegally parked. They refused to move. I called Atlantic Travel And Tours and spoke to a woman. She was rude, but said she would radio the driver. Their bus still does not move, so I call this lady back at the company. She yelled at me, and acted like it was ok for her company to break the law.

I want all my readers to e-mail these companies and to call them and tell them that you read on Times Square Gossip that they break laws and they suck, because they do.

For usbusrentals.com call 1-866-952-8737 or e mail them Info@usbusrentals.com.

For Atlantic Travel And Tours, call them at 917-754-0531 or e mail them at IW_TOURS56@yahoo.com.


The police department, the 14th precinct to be exact, is useless. Considering the crowd I hang out with and the parties I go to, I could easily pull Police Commissioner Ray Kelly aside at one of these events and tell him what I think of the 14th Precinct. The only thing is there are so many problems with the 14th, that I would not know where to begin. The police in our neighborhood refuse to enforce the law. Our building called the police for these buses, no one showed. I called twice, and the woman on the desk was rude and said she would send a patrol car. She did not. I called again, she got even ruder. She said " what did I expect them to do", I said " I expected them to do their job and send a patrol car and ticket these buses. I told her, the buses were parked and idling in front of our building illegally. I explained that the fumes go into all the tenants apartments and that it was also against the law and signs on the street say that there is a $2000.00 fine for idling and tons of signs that say No Parking Anytime. She then yells that she will hang up on me and that someone was on the way. No one ever showed.

So the bus driver from the company that breaks laws, usbusrentals.com, is in heaven. I flag down a cop on a horse, I explain everything to him. He says that they are only waiting for a tour group from The Westin. I explain that they have been sitting here for over a hour, sending fumes into all our apartments and that they need to enforce the law and have them move or ticket them. This cop says, "Go into the lobby and I'll talk to her and come in and talk to you". Minutes later, I look outside, the woman bus driver is laughing and the cop is gone. I look at her and say, I would not do this in front of your house. She say's, "yes you would". Meanwhile the cop did not do his job for which he is paid for.

I'm standing there, waiting for the police with our building security guard. They never arrive. I flag down a police cruiser. Once again I explain to these two cops the situation. They are breaking the law, please do something. They say go into the lobby and they will come talk to me in a minute. I wait, look outside the window, the ugly woman bus driver is laughing once again and the cops are no where to be found. The tour group arrives and she starts telling to pay no attention to me, I am just one of the nuts that live in this building. I take this ugly bus drivers picture, which she did not like, and she moves into the bus. Once again, the police did not do their job. No concern for 652 people that live in our building. Very sad. My readers can also call the 14th on their direct line to tell them that you read on Times Square Gossip, that they will not do their job. Their number is 1-212-239-9811. You can tie up their lines, they do nothing anyway. And I will mention this to Ray Kelly and all the other top cops I know. I wonder how these same cops would feel if buses were parked in front of their home, with fumes running into their house.


Since there have been many apartments in our building with bed bugs, I now know where they most likely came from. The Westin New York. Since we live here and we are not travelers, I can only assume after reading many complaints from Westin New York customers on travel websites, that all the travelers to the Westin Times Square have brought bed bugs into our neighborhood. In fact, I am shocked at all the complaints on these sites on the bed bugs at the Westin New York. Even more shocking, was the treatment the customers got when they complained about bed bugs to Westin management. You can read some of the stories on bed bud registry HERE. You can read bed bug comments on Trip Advisor HERE. We can only assume that the Westin New York is trying to cover up these stories, as Westin management is asking on these sites for the writers of the bed bug reviews to contact some manager named Wolfgang Wehen. We are sure there will be some kind of reward for removing their bed bug reviews.


Nights for the tenants of the building are nightmares. Just minutes ago, I walked outside for a smoke. They have the Westin employees washing the sidewalk with a loud power washer. Imagine that. 1am and they do not care if they wake up 652 people with this loud machine. The garbage trucks roll this time of night at The Westin. Their carting company drives down the street, beeps the horn at 2 am for the Westin to open the garage and they drop a huge empty empty garbage container in front of our building. Pounding, slamming, engines running. Then they back into the Westin with their backup horns blasting and then Pounding, slamming while the truck picks up this garbage monstrosity. They pull out of the garage, drop the fully loaded garbage container in front of our building. Pounding, slamming once again. Then they pick up the empty one, engines roaring, pounding and more slamming. They once again back into the Westin garage and the noise continues. Then they pull out, hook up the fully loaded container, roaring engines, pounding, slamming. This is what happens every night. The Westin could care less. These are the kind of neighbors the Westin Hotel New York are. My readers can also e-mail the Westin and tell them you read they are bad neighbors on Times Square Gossip. Tell them they suck. E-mail them at wolfgang.wehen@westin.com. Call them and tell them you will never stay there. There number is (866) 837-4183.

Why anyone would want to stay at the Westin, is beyond me. It is right on 8th avenue, where all the dangerous drug dealers are. There is prostitution, peepshows and it is not a safe area. Go stay somewhere else!

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Lance Bass

Each Super Bowl halftime performance is seen by millions of people in dozens of countries. As one of the largest stages in the world, it's a bit of a nerve-racking opportunity, and one that only a few musical artists have been given. As Madonna prepares to take the Super Bowl halftime test, Billboard.com spoke with a handful of artists who have already been there, and passed with flying colors.

"It's the biggest thing there is. The whole world is watching. So when the phone rings and the guy on the other end says, 'Do you guys want to play the halftime show at the Super Bowl?', you're definitely going to pay attention." - AEROSMITH'S TOM HAMILTON.

"It was very cool. When they came up with the idea of doing the Super Bowl, we were like, 'OK, we gotta do it with Aerosmith. It's a great idea.' They're one of my favorite bands in the world. We've known them for years; they're great guys." - 'N SYNC's LANCE BASS.

"I was flabbergasted. It really is an honor, and coming from where we come from, being kind of totally inspired by American music at such a young age and then playing something like that, that's such an American institution, is unbelievable. I've never ceased to be completely, incredibly humbled by the affections show by America to the Who. It's been an incredible relationship." - THE WHO'S ROGER DALTREY.

"It's hard not to think of that show and not remember [Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction]. I was shocked! I mean, you know -- it was a titty out! However it came out, accident or whatever, it came out! I mean, it was what it was. You know, I don't see everybody blowing a gasket for it." - NELLY.

You can read more here....

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Ben Jorgensen And Katrina Bowden

Actress Katrina Bowden at the Screen Actors Guild Nominated Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Comedy Series "30 Rock" announced her engagement to musician Ben Jorgensen on the red carpet.

The newly engaged nominee shined inside and out showing off both her Forevermark diamond jewelry and her newest accessory - her fiancé - on the red carpet at the 2012 SAG Awards.

Bowden was adorned in Neiman Marcus for Forevermark Princess Collection Pave Earrings with Round Center set in 18k White Gold and Neiman Marcus for Forevermark Princess Ring with Round Brilliant Center set in Platinum.

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Carrie Ann Inaba

Dancing with the Stars’ Carrie Ann Inaba will take time out from prepping for the 14th season of the hit ABC show to host The Humane Society of the United States’ 26th Genesis Awards on Saturday, March 24, 2012, at The Beverly Hilton, Beverly Hills. The only major awards show of its kind, the annual Genesis Awards honors the news and entertainment media for raising awareness of animal issues. It will air as Television Special on Animal Planet in May.

Known for her compassion for animals, Carrie Ann will emcee this star-studded awards ceremony that recognizes outstanding reporting and creative portrayals of animal protection issues in feature films, documentaries, TV news and entertainment programming, as well as print and online journalism.

“I’m honored to have been asked to host an awards show that is both a celebration and a consciousness raiser,” said Carrie Ann. “In a busy awards season, The Genesis Awards stands out as an event that has true meaning in the larger scope of things– it’s the OscarsĂ’ for animals and the people in the media who give voice to their plight.”

“Carrie Ann is the ideal host for The Genesis Awards. She has energy, personality, beauty, and, most of all, she really cares about the animal protection cause. I think she’ll score a perfect 10 with our audience,” said Beverly Kaskey, Senior Director of The Humane Society of the United States’ Hollywood outreach program and executive producer of the annual Genesis Awards.

Among the celebrity presenters confirmed to attend thus far are: Kaley Cuoco, Bill Maher, Kristin Bauer van Straten and Pauley Perrette.

Nominations for The 26th Genesis Awards will be announced early February.

To purchase tickets, contact: Leigh O’Bryan at The Humane Society of the United States at 310 440 0600 or visit www.humanesociety.org/genesis.

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Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris With M&M

Neil Patrick Harris and M&M's Revealed a twenty-foot Statue of Ms. Brown held at The Grove in Los Angeles, California today.

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Christopher Plummer

Natalie Portman

Jean DuJardin

Viola Davis

Sissy Spacek

Patrick Duffy With Linda Gray And Larry Hagman

Steve Buscemi

Nancy O'Dell

Courtney Vogel With Mike Vogel

Diane Lane With Josh Brolin

Michelle Williams

Naya Rivera

Vincent Piazza With Ashlee Simpson

Kristen Wiig

Rose Byrne

Julie Bowen

Lea Michele

Amber Riley

Kathy Bates

Aleksa Palladino

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Michael Pitt With Guest

Angela Kinsey

Tina Fey

Ted Danson With Mary Steenburgen

Emily Blunt With John Krasinski

Dianna Agron

Emma Stone

Jane Krakowski

Viola Davis

Jane Lynch

Darren Criss

Shailene Woodley

Matt Prokop And Sarah Hyland

Zoe Saldana

Judy Greer

Jean Dujardin

Angela Kinsey

Jessica Lange

Jonah Hill

Kenneth Branagh

Mayim Bialik

Kyra Sedgwick

Nick Nolte

Melissa McCarthy

Sofia Vergara

Linda Gray

Melissa Rauch

Matt Czuchry

Aimee Garcia

Jessica Chastain

Penelope Ann Miller

Michael C. Hall

Kevin McHale

Matthew Morrison

Brooke Anderson

Renee Bargh

Maria Menounos

Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne

Shaun Robinson

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau

Jayma Mays

Ahna O'Reilly

Ariel Winter

Paz Vega

Kaley Cuoco

Alan Thicke

Jenna Ushkowitz

Julianna Margulies

Jennifer Carpenter

Octavia Spencer

Brad Pitt With Angelina Jolie

George Clooney And Stacy Keibler

Amber Heard

The 18th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards was held at the Shrine Auditorium and Exposition Center in Los Angeles, California last night.

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