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Christina Aguilera
Hosts The 2009
Collection Launch For Stephen Webster


Christina Aguilera

Stephen Webster And Christina Aguilera

Stephen Webster and Christina Aguilera strike a pose at TAO in Las Vegas in the famed Venetian Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sexy star was there to help launch the Stephen Webster collection.
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George Clooney

With a crucial deadline to fix the state’s $12 billion budget deficit looming, Illinois Senators found time to vote and pass SB 1335 by a vote of 51-4. This important piece of legislation proclaims bowling shoes as “specialized footwear” and will help shield bowling alley owners from lawsuits that might result from bowlers who slip and fall because their bowling shoes got wet when they went outside and then came back into the bowling alley.This bill will allow bowling alleys to post signs throughout their building that bowling shoes should only be worn inside the alley. By having the warning signs, if a bowler goes outside and accumulate rain or snow on their bowling shoes it will not be the legal responsibility of the bowling alley owner if the bowler slips and falls inside the alley.The bill awaits Governor Quinn’s approval.“It helps [owners] not to have to deal with negligent bowlers who go out to smoke or have wet feet and come in and sue them for something they’ve done that was not appropriate,” said Sen. Donne Trotter (D-Chicago). “This does away with negligent lawsuits.” Why would a subject that seems so trivial come to the attention of state lawmakers at a time when our state is in a fiscal crisis? Easy answer! A lobbyist! Cook County Democratic Chairman Joseph Berrios, a member of the Cook County Board of Review and father of state Rep. Maria Antonia Berrios (D-Chicago), was among those lobbying for the bill. Joseph Berrios represents the Illinois State Bowling Proprietors Association. How convenient for Father Berrios that his daughter is a member of the Illinois House.So while I doubt that Father Barrios paid his daughter to influence her vote, he probably gave her a kiss and a hug in thanks. So we have a new category of influence to consider in Illinois politics—Kiss for Play! I can understand that because if George Clooney were lobbying me, I would do anything he asked me to in exchange for a kiss.
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Jessica Simpson

Singing star Jessica Simpson gave her sexy boyfriend Tony Romo a fantastic 28th birthday present last month. Jessica treated the football hero to a $100,000 speedboat. Jessica unveiled the gift at a special party at the couples Dallas, Texas, home, according to the National Enquirer. And the Dallas Cowboys quarterback was delighted with the custom-made gift. A source tells the gossip magazine, "Jessica knows that Tony has always wanted a boat."(She's) hoping that her birthday gift will lead to marriage, and by this time next year she'll be walking down the aisle with him."
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Hollywood star Mark Wahlberg and his beautiful fiancee Rhea Durham celebrated the baptism of their youngest son with a church ceremony in Boston, Massachusetts last Sunday. The happy pair planned the event at St. Margaret's Catholic Church in Dorchester to coincide with Brendan Joseph's first birthday. The family, including the couples older children Ella Rae, 5, and Michael, 3, traveled from Los Angeles California to Mark's hometown for the baptism, which was held at the same church where they paid their last respects to Wahlberg's late father at his funeral last year. The ceremony was attended by close friends and family, and saw Mark's older brother Robert Wahlberg named godfather to the eight-month-old. A source tells Radar Online, "Mark's dad loved his older kids, Ella Rae and Michael. He didn't live to meet Brendan so it was important for Mark to take the baby to the church were his dad was eulogized. It was a very loving and moving gesture on Mark's part.
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Nicole Kidman

Hollywood star Nicole Kidman once again is dismissing gossip that she is pregnant once again. Nicole gave birth to her first child Sunday Rose last year, with husband Keith Urban. She also has two adopted children with her ex, Tom Cruise. Recently the award winning star has been plagued by baby rumors that she is pregnant again. But a representative for Kidman is denying the reports, telling New York Post gossip column Page Six, "(She is) not (pregnant) to my knowledge."
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Courtney Love

Hole singing star Courtney Love is slamming back at a $350,000 lawsuit filed against her by bosses at the credit card company American Express, accusing them of allowing fraudulent transactions to be made using her account. American Express claims the rock icon charged up the bill on her Gold card and has refused to pay it off, but Love's lawyer has fired back, and is insisting his client has been battling the charges for months, because she didn't spend the money. The attorney tells, "AmEx knows the claim has no merit. We have told them this for a long time. AmEx's law policies allowed fraudulent transactions to be charged to my client's card."Keith Fink, Courtney's lawyer, also tells TMZ that 104 AmEx credit cards were taken out under Courtney's name or the name of her business -- and that all the charges attributed to Courtney weren't made by her. He also said it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out nobody takes out 104 credit cards!
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Angelina Jolie

Sexy Hollywood star Angelina Jolie was admitted to a hospital in Long Island, New York, after injuring herself in a stunt for new fast paced movie "Salt." Angelina, who plays a spy in the new film, suffered a knock to her head this morning, resulting in a cut between her eyes. According to, Jolie was treated for her injury at a nearby medical center and her manager insists she will be fine.
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Phylicia Rashad

Amy Morton

Mariann Mayberry

Elizabeth Ashley

Tony Award-winner Phylicia Rashad, starring as Violet Weston , joined the Broadway cast in August: Osage County at the Music Box Theatre in New York City. On Friday, May 22nd, the play surpassed The Heidi Chronicles in the list of Broadway's longest running plays.
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David Salidor With Peter Noone, Micky Dolenz, Mark Lindsay, And Keith Girard

We were the first to break news that music icons MICKY DOLENZ, MARK LINDSAY and PETER NOONE would be touring the country this summer as the original TEEN IDOLS. Their debut show out at Westbury Music Fair was nothing short of terrific, with the three bounding onstage together and breaking into The Beatles' “I Saw Her Standing There” ... amazing enough, their voices blended terrifically as they traded off the verses and sang together on the chorus. Lindsay was first up as a solo as he delivered spot-on versions of “Indian Reservation” and “Kicks”, two of the bigger hits that he had as part of Paul Revere and The Raiders. Interestingly enough, “Reservation” was the biggest seller for Columbia Records for almost a decade, selling far beyond six million units. It held that until someone named Michael Jackson came along. Dolenz came up next and delivered his patented sure-fire arsenal of Monkee-hits, especially, “I’m Not Your Stepping Stone”, “Daydream Believer,” and, “I’m A Believer”, which he reminded a youngster in the front row, he had done before the Shrek movies! Dolenz is a perfectly natural performer and the audience loved him. If you haven’t seen him live, you should do so … it’s a total blast. Rolling Stone has called his voice “one of the best in rock and roll” … and, they’re right. He’s right in the middle of his Carole King-tribute album (on L.A.’s Gigatone Records) … it should become an instant classic! Noone was next as he delivered most of the hits from Herman’s Hermits, including “I’m Into Something Good,” “Mrs, Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter” and “There’s A Kind of Hush”, which the other assisted on. Just a totally enjoyable show.. We ventured backstage, and spied Dolenz’ PR-mouthpiece (the Pascha) David Salidor; Keith Girard from The Improper (; Jim Kerr from Q104.3; and, show producer Wendy Joy.




Mancow Erich Muller

You know, It amazes me how low will go, including printing e-mails that were not intended for them, and most likely were hacked from someones computer. There has to be something illegal here. Well I guess I am not surprised, considering the things they have done to me personally in the past. Like the time I was in Marquee Nightclub in New York City with two waiters from my favorite watering hole Broadway Langans. They wrote a story with all my quotes all switched around, as well as mis-quotes and then wrote that I was hanging in the club with two 14 year olds. They tried to make me out as a pervert. Then there were the times they wrote such mean bad stories about New York Post icon Steve Dunleavy. Dunleavy has to be the nicest reporter there ever was, yet they picked and picked on this guys drinking. They failed to see Dunleavy's talent. This guy could write a story floating On the ocean. And as for Dunleavy's drinking, they failed to recognize that Dunleavy was from the old school of reporting, where they hung out in bars and wrote their stories right there and then phoned them in. On Dunleavy's worst drinking days, he could write a front page story, that was all facts, unlike Gawker.

Then they go on to attack one of the most talented publicists there is, Linda Shafran. No matter what anyone says, Linda Shafran is one of the many talents behind Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. She is a hard worker and knows her job better than just about any other publicist I have worked with, and I have worked with them all. She is smart and a very loving person, which is more than I can say about most people in this business. Many times Linda and I throw ideas back and forth with each other. They are discussions till we come to a final idea, and these hacked e-mails from Linda, are just that. Throwing ideas around till you come to a final plan. Then Gawker goes on to write that she will be un-employed when Springer leaves to start taping his show in Stamford Connecticut. This in fact is sad, because NBC does not realize what a huge talent they are losing and Linda will have no problem finding another gig. I spent many a night with Linda at NBC Towers in Chicago, and she will work from early morning till 2 am the next day to get the work done for her clients. NBC will realize their loss when the ratings begin to drop, and their new Publicists leave at 5pm every day, while Linda would never leave till the job is done. In fact, she has refused several job offers already, because she wants the right fit. It seems Gawker would rather see the bad in everything, rather than any good what-so-ever. The point of the waterboarding, was to show it was torture. It is in-human. Maybe Mancow did it right or he did it wrong. The point is torture can not be accepted in this country. And even know we do not care for Kieth Olbermann, we applaud him for giving ten grand to a good charity. Maybe next time I see Sean Hannity in Broadway Langans, he will let me waterboard him. As much as Mancow pisses me off sometimes, like when I'm in his Chicago studio and I can not get two words in, I still love and respect the guy. He has a heart of gold, and really cares about this country. The flack surrounding Mancow Erich Muller's waterboarding was to prove a point. Torture is torture, and it can not be accepted by a country that believes in freedom. Watch the video yourself and you decide. As for the leaked e-mails, or as we think hacked, there should be a police investigation, as stealing someones e-mails is illegal! It is a evasion of privacy, and we all had to change our passwords and install anti-hacking software in our computers.


"I am not a magician. Many news cameras were there! Obviously, it was on the radio and I wasn’t in prison. I’m also not a radicalized Muslim terrorist. But it was not a hoax! I repeat: NOT A HOAX. We kept telling management, the insurance companies, and the local Chicago cops we weren’t really going to do it - until we did. Otherwise, they weren’t gonna let us do it! We got a U.S. Marine that told us he had studied how to do it and he volunteered to waterboard me in return for a mention of his charity. I was on a decline and I was waterboarded. Was I in chains? No. Does that make it less real? I am failing to get the point attempted by my detractors. We never claimed it was an exact recreation. The CIA technique is exactly what we did: 1. Keep the chest elevated above the head and neck to keep the lungs “above the waterline.” 2. Incline the head, both to keep the throat open and to present the nostrils for easier filling. 3. Force the mouth open so that water can be poured into both the nose and mouth. Sorry, I thought for years it wasn’t torture and now I do. The video is there for all to see. The left has taken my message and distorted it as well. Would I waterboard to save my daughters (or any American children)? Yes! The three terrorists that were waterboarded at Guantanamo were done so by military professionals. And it was done to save lives with America’s best interests at heart. Mine was a silly radio time filler in comparison. Its apples & hand grenades! It would be insane to equate what I did with anything that happens in prison. I am simply a free man in a radio studio that always tries to get inside the big issues. This is an ugly issue with no easy answers. But I now see it’s easier for some to dismiss me than to do any real soul searching on this very heady issue.
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David Archuleta Rocks New York

David Archuleta

Sexy American Idol hunk David Archuleta performed at the P.C. Richards & Sons Theater in Tribeca, New York City. This is one star that will reach for the top.
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Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift performed on NBC"S The Today Show in New York City this morning. The talented star really gave a show for the crowd outside the studios.
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TEL: 212-243-2736
Story And Photo By: Justin Campbell

The Empire Diner, where endless movies have been filmed and many celebrities have gone over the years, needs to learn the customer comes first. Below is a account written and alleged by one of our favorite celebrity photographers in New York City. He is alleging the waiter said " Get Out Of Here Faggot". You can believe it or not!

The Empire Diner

The other day I went to have lunch at “The Empire Diner” on 22nd street and 10th avenue. The restaurant was almost empty inside, and outside only one of their many tables was occupied. I decided to enjoy the chilly spring weather and elected to sit at a larger table rather than at one of the small tables crammed next to the trashcan and servers cart. On a day when the restaurant was busy I would never have presumed to situate myself a table for 4, however since there was plenty of tables available I thought nothing of it. However mere seconds after I had sat down, a waiter rushed over to me and demanded I sit at another table in a rude and insistent voice. Mind you, he didn't acknowledge me first as a customer, or simply ask politely, rather I was addressed as a degenerate. Baffled by the servers confrontational attitude I pointed out how the smaller table was situated in an extremely undesirable location and that since the diner was empty there should be no problem. This logic only angered the waiter more, who again insisted that since I was only one person that I move immediately. Always the gentlemen, I choose not to engage further with the server and asked to speak with his manager. I was told that I could see the manager inside. After waiting inside the diner for a few minutes the manager finally made his way over to me. I explained the situation and reasoned again that since the diner was near empty and that there were many tables open that I would like to sit at a more desirable table. I also made clear that I intended to spend good money on my lunch (I intended to order the fish and chips). I assumed that there would be no problem, however the manager simply laughed in my face and told me that if I didn’t want to sit at a small table I wasn’t welcome. I told the manager that I would leave then and take my money somewhere else. He sharply responded that he didn’t care. As I exited the diner I passed the rude waiter and he gave me a nasty look and laughed. I retorted with a “f**k you” only for him to yell, “get out of here Faggot”. The last comment I found extremely offensive, while I’m not gay I have a lot of gay friends, and that type of language is extremely inappropriate and derogatory. Even more upsetting though was the restaurants lack of professionalism. The first rule of any business is that the customer comes first. Not only did I not come first, but also I was treated like a second-class citizen. At the very least in this economic crisis any restaurant should welcome business. I was ready to spend a good $20-30 on my lunch yet that did not matter. I am extremely offended and I will never eat at the restaurant again.

Editors Extra: After several days of phone calls to Renada Gonzalez, the owner of The Empire Diner, we finally got her answers. She told us that the waiter was following her policy that parties of one, do not sit outside. She had said in the first phone call, that the outside was closed that day, and I said it was not as we had the photos with people seated at the outside tables, with most of the tables empty. When I brought up the fact that Justin asked to speak to the manager, and was treated just as bad, she shot back with " He was cursing everyone out". Now anyone that knows Justin, knows he is not like this. He has admitted to giving a f**k you on the way out. Renada Say's Justin called the waiter faggot, but anyone that knows Justin, knows his best friends are gay and would not do this. Now as a former waiter myself for many of my younger years, I always understood that every customer was important, even if they were only a party of one. Some of my best tippers were parties of one, and Justin is a great tipper. I understand that some tables are for bigger parties. But when a restaurant is not very busy, and the customer wants a bigger table, they should have it to make them happy. Renada the Diner owner was very sweet. She offered to comp a free brunch or lunch for Justin. Justin Say's he will never go back there. I also explained to Renada that a person carrying several cameras can not be presumed a tourist in New York, but must be presumed a member of the media, as we have the Daily News right down the street and several other huge media outlets. We at Times Square Gossip, feel that every customer should be important. We feel if the tables out front were not taken up, Justin should have been given one to make a customer happy. We think the customer should come first. This is what I was taught when I was a Waiter. So my readers can decide this one for themselves. I for one, agree with Justin. We also do appreciate Renada speaking to us with her views. We would love to hear comments from other people who have eaten here.


Tarell Alvin McCraney
Wins First
New York Times Outstanding Playwright Award

Story And Photo By: Ann Watt

Tarell Alvin McCraney

The New York Times has awarded playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney their first Outstanding Playwright Award, to honor his play "The Brothers Size," at a ceremony held at The New York Times Building. The NYT award was decided by a selection committee including playwrights Edward Albee, Richard Greenberg, James Lapine, 2009 Pulitzer Prize winner Lynn Nottage ("Ruined") and New York Times Arts and Culture editors. McCraney, 27, is a 2007 graduate of the Yale School of Drama playwriting program and is an international playwright in residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company. He was raised in New Orleans and currently resides in Miami. Ben Brantley of The New York Times called McCraney an "astonishing young dramatist," when reviewing his production of "Wig Out" last year at the Vineyard Theater in New York.

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Chace Crawford

Sexy Gossip Girl hunk Chace Crawford will undergo singing and dancing lessons before the cameras role on the new remake of the hit movie musical "Footloose." The sexy actor, has signed on to take on the role made famous by Kevin Bacon in the 1984 original film, after Zac Efron was forced to pull out of the project. Crawford has very little musical experience, and director Kenny Ortega is admitting he'll need coaching before he's ready to take on the huge role. Ortega -- who is choreographing Michael Jackson's comeback tour -- tells Us Weekly, "He really sizzles. He has musicality. We need to work with him on music and dance. There are some big shoes to fill. But he has it in him."
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Courtney Love

According to reports, former Hole singer Courtney Love is facing a legal battle with American Express over the credit card company's claims she has piled up more than $350,000 in unpaid charges. The American Express suit against Love in the U.S. District Court yesterday, is demanding the star pay off her Gold card. Courtney had her charging privileges suspended after she "failed and refused" to clear the balance, according to the lawsuit.
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Former Hollywood star Tom Sizemore has been arrested in Los Angeles California on a outstanding warrant for drug charges.The troubled actor was taken into custody shortly after midnight this morning after police were called to investigate a report of domestic violence in Hollywood. When the police arrived at the scene, Sizemore was found in the area with a friend and after being quizzed by cops, they discovered there was a $25,000 warrant out for the star's arrest. According to, a police search found Sizemore and his friend in possession of narcotics, and they were subsequently arrested and booked for the crime. Sizemore has a very long police record.
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Tori Spelling

Candy Spelling is revealing that her daughter Tori's decision to cut her family out of her life killed her television producer father. The Mother and daughter have fighting ever since Aaron Spelling died in 2006, with Candy recently going public with the fact that she has yet to meet her grandchildren. But the strained relationship between her and Tori has hit a new low thanks to remarks Candy made during a radio interview on Thursday morning . Spelling told the Kellogg Crew on 94.7 WMAS in Massachusetts that her daughter's estrangement from her parents "killed my husband. He just didn't want to live after that."She added, "He'd done everything he could possibly do for his daughter and then she wanted no part of him once he couldn't do anything for her."
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Carlos Santana

The Supernatural Santana show had a great opening night at The Joint in The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. This legend still knows how to put on a show for his fans across the world.
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Samantha Harris

Bernd Beetz

Hilary Rhoda

Kate Walsh

Tova And Ernest Borgnine

Ignacio Figueras

Harry And Laura Slaklin

Lisa And Dustin Hoffman

Aerin Lauder

Kathy Hilton And Rick Hilton

Tracy Reese

Sean Diddy Combs

Paris Hilton

Queen Latifah

Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige along with Queen Latifah, Paris Hilton, Sean Combs, Tracy Reese, Kathy Hilton And Rick Hilton and many other stars, attended the 37th Annual FiFi Awards Ceremony at The Downtown Armory in New York City. We loved to see old friend Dustin Hoffman with his beautiful wife Lisa. This Hollywood star has pure class.
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Denzel Washington

Ellen Pompeo

Andy Milonakis

Penny Marshall

Adam Levine

Hugh Hefner

Adam Goldstein

Garry Marshall

Andy Garcia With Daughter


Ice Cube

Dyan Cannon

Kim Kardashian And Reggie Bush

Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush arrive at the Lakers Playoff Game Staples Center, Los Angeles, California. We spotted Ice Cube along with Dyan Cannon, Rocker Flea and many other celebrities that were there to watch all the action.
Photos By: Sara De Boer / Retna Ltd.